Officially urgent .. Open the road to Baghdad airport this evening

Release date:: 2019/8/11 15:31 

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) Baghdad Municipality announced the completion of all service procedures for the road to Baghdad airport in accordance with the instructions of the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to open it to traffic.
A statement by the Secretariat received a copy of the agency (Euphrates News) that “the Municipality of the airport and the Green Zone completed the work of rehabilitation of the street and cleaning and removal of debris and a number of agricultural work, as directed by the Office of the Commander-in-Chief to reopen the airport road at 6 pm today for citizens traveling with tickets. Passing through the terminal after lifting the control of one falcon. ” 
It is noteworthy that the procedures for opening Baghdad International Airport came after the directive of the Prime Minister to form a specialized committee through the Diwaniya Order No. 247 with the participation of members of representatives of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, Baghdad International Airport and other concerned parties.

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