The Ministry of Oil denies the exclusion of Exxon Mobil on the project of southern Iraq integrated

Release date:: 2019/10/10 10:52 
The Ministry of Oil confirmed the continuation of its negotiations with the US company Exxon Mobil on the integrated project in southern Iraq, and that the failure to reach an agreement or conclude a contract between the parties, does not mean the end of negotiations or {exclude} Exxon Mobil from this project, as quoted And circulated by some news agencies for unnamed officials!
The ministry said in a statement received by the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of the day “As for the reported on the conclusion of the ministry or the Basra Oil Company for contracts with the British companies Bp and Italian Eni, and they are part of the above project, the ministry denies this news and refuses to manipulate information and facts by Some journalists would like to clarify that the contracts with BP and ENI were limited to supplying materials for two offshore oil pipelines for the purpose of qualifying them to ensure the transport of crude oil and export it through the southern export system, as part of the ministry’s plans to increase the treasury and export capacity which aim to achieve a high and smooth flow. Oil Crude from oil fields to export ports and stability, in accordance with its obligations and contracts with international companies within the interim and future plans, in addition to ensuring the financial revenues of the Federal Treasury.
“ Finally, the Ministry of Oil stresses that large strategic projects require more time, research, negotiation, technical, financial, legal and other studies, and in the interest of the parties concerned, and that the government and the ministry aim to achieve the highest financial and economic benefit of these projects as required by the national interest. ” 
It is noteworthy that the integrated South project includes a number of vital projects including (development of the fields of Omar bin Artawi, and the project of joint sea water supply, expansion and development of storage system, transport and export, as well as the construction of two units for processing and manufacturing associated gas).


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