Parliamentary Finance: Appointment of an inspector of the Central Bank in violation of its independence and violation of its law


Economy News _ Baghdad

The parliamentary Finance Committee, on Friday, surprised the “great” of the appointment of an inspector of the Central Bank of Iraq, usually violated his independence and exceeded its law.

The Chairman of the Committee MP Haitham al-Jubouri, in a statement received by “Economy News” a copy of it, that the Finance Committee shows great surprise at the deliberate Iraqi government breach of the independence of the Central Bank and insist on interfering in its policy and management, in violation of the text of Article 2 of the Central Bank Law, which stipulated Not to allow any person or government to interfere with the work of the bank or its monetary policy and subject it to the control of the House of Representatives only. 

He added: We remind the government that this position was previously in the Central Bank and was canceled in 2008 because of its conflict with the law of the bank in force. 

He called for the immediate cessation of this step, warning of its external repercussions and its negative repercussions on international agreements and assessments.


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