Joint Operations announces the results of the third victory of victory

Release date:: 2019/8/9 14:38 •

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Joint Operations Command, announced the results of the operations of the third victory, which was launched on the fifth of August.

A statement of operations received a copy of the agency (Euphrates News) a copy, “after it set off on the blessing of God at 0600 in the morning of the fifth day of August until the seventh of 2019, the third phase of the will of victory, under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief and under the supervision of the Operations Command The joint division, to clear the areas north of the district of Muqdadiya and north of Jalawla and Khanaqin in Diyala province and participated in the fifth division of the Iraqi army and the Directorate of the police of Diyala and the Popular Mobilization units represented by brigades {28, 20, 23, 24, 4, 110 and the engineering effort and treatment detachments from the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization } The operation was carried out from CM Six pages per axis are as follows:

1 – Axis I: the Fifth Infantry Division and the Diyala boycott the popular crowd.

2. The second axis: Diyala police directorate and commando brigade Diyala operations command and the Diyala boycott the popular mobilization.

– The units that participated in the Ninewa Operations Command on the third page of Operation Will of Victory were 16th Infantry Division, 20th Division, Swat Regiment, Nineveh Police, Tribal Mobilization and Popular Mobilization Units to inspect and purge the thirsty thirst and the Badush mountain range and the surrounding villages. :

First: Army units (92nd Brigade, 15th Division, 75th Brigade, 76th Division, 16th Brigade, 21th Division, 20th Division).

Second: Police Sections (Nineveh Police Directorate and Swat Nineveh Regiment).

Third: Clans of the clan crowd represented by regiments (50, 55.56, 58, 60, 72).

Fourth: The Popular Mobilization Units represented by brigades (33,44,25,15,53, and Regiment 6).

This was a four-pronged process.

It came with air support as follows:

First: Army Aviation Command has provided all kinds of support in the operations breakers through 38 armed sorties, where it carried out 10 sorties within the sector of Nineveh operations, and carried out 28 sorties within the sector of Diyala operations.

Second: The Air Force Command has allocated four reconnaissance and armed reconnaissance aircraft to support the operation at the rate of 4 sorties.

Third: International Coalition Air Force participated in 25 sorties by armed reconnaissance and reconnaissance.

The results of the third page of Operation Will of Victory were the destruction of 12 tunnels, 24 spheres and 5 gens of TNT with a capacity of 20 liters, 42 explosive devices, 3 82 mm mortar rounds, 155 mm shells, 3 82 mm mortar rounds and 2 bicycles. In addition, 18 wanted men were killed, 4 terrorists were killed, 25 villages were searched, and the area inspected reached 1712 square kilometers.


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