Iraq announces a feast for its citizens

The economy of

Idia for Iraqis

2019/08/08 08:24:19

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Shafq News / Minister of Labor and head of the Social Protection Authority Basem Abdul Zaman announced the launch of the Eid al-Adha, amounting to 100,000 dinars for more than one million and 200 thousand families benefiting from the welfare salary in Baghdad and the provinces.

He said that the total amount of Eidya will be more than 123 billion dinars.

He called on beneficiary families to review the outlets for receipt.

The total number of households headed by a man is more than (815) thousand families, while the total number of households headed by a woman is more than (416) thousand families.

Minister Abdul-Zaman announced earlier that the cabinet approved the granting of families benefiting from the social welfare salary of Eid al-Adha in the amount of (100,000) dinars for each family based on a request submitted by him to alleviate the poor and provide them with a happy holiday.


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