UAE gives green light to exchange firms to transfer Iranian funds

Release date:: 2019/8/4 20:14

The head of the Association of Iranian Merchants in the UAE Abdul Qader Faqihi that the Emirate of Dubai intends to open bank accounts for all Iranian traders and facilitate the granting of business visas.

“We had negotiations with Dubai officials and they agreed to give Iranian traders who have capital and want to open commercial accounts in UAE banks the necessary facilities, and they will also facilitate the granting of commercial visas to them,” Fakihi was quoted as saying on Sunday.

“According to the directives of Dubai officials, Iranian merchants will be re-granted commercial visas to people whose trade visas were previously canceled in the UAE. We also took the green light from the UAE Central Bank to open accounts for Iranian exchange companies in the next few days, which were closed in the past”.

“We are now witnessing a new opening of the commercial and economic field between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the UAE after a period of decline,” Fakihi said.

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