Parliamentary Finance: Hosting the ministers of finance and oil was almost secret

BAGHDAD (AFX) – A member of the parliamentary finance committee MP Haneen Qaddo on Wednesday revealed the questions that were addressed to oil ministers Thamer al-Ghadhban and Finance Fouad Hussein during their hosting of the committee, indicating that the hosting was semi-confidential.

“There are a lot of questions that were asked to host the ministers of finance and oil and the head of the Office of Financial Supervision and Hosting semi-confidential,” he told local media. “It was supposed to be a public meeting before the House of Representatives and public opinion.”

He added that “the main theme of hosting is the violation of the budget law for Article 10 and other topics on the smuggling of Kirkuk oil,” pointing out “the existence of smuggling in the areas of Khazar Majidiyah and Shikhan and Alsia in Mosul through tanks by the Kurdistan Democratic.”

He added that “the hosting and questions addressed to the ministers of the purpose of the obligation of the Kurdistan constitution and the law of the general budget,” explaining that “political agreements do not repeal the laws and if there are political agreements must be translated into laws.”

Qado stressed the need to “apply laws and any breach can not be silent about it and we are concerned with the spirit of the laws,” stressing that “the Minister of Finance violation of the budget law.”

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2 thoughts on “Parliamentary Finance: Hosting the ministers of finance and oil was almost secret

  1. Why do you always end with the phrase follow the obelisk ? Which one ? The Vatican , London or Washington DC ?


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