Oil rises to a two-week high


Oil rises to a two-week high

31/07/2019 12:20 AM

Al Ahd News – Follow-up

Oil prices rose nearly 2 percent to a two-week high on optimism that the US Federal Reserve will cut interest rates this week for the first time in more than a decade, boosting demand expectations in the world’s top oil consumer.

US crude inventories are also expected to fall for the seventh straight week.

Brent crude for September delivery rose 1.01 dollars, or 1.6 percent, to settle at $ 64.72 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude rose $ 1.18 or 2.1 percent to close at $ 58.05.

But at the month level, the crude is still expected to fall due to continued concerns about oil demand, with Brent falling more than 2% and US crude less than 1%.

“Crude oil rose today, partly because of another significant drop in stocks this week as well as the ongoing tensions in the Strait of Hormuz,” said Brian Kissins, portfolio manager at Turtweiss Energy Management. “The prospect of interest rate cuts and US-China trade talks supports the outlook for the economy. ” is over/ 6


Halabousi Office publishes the results of the Speaker’s visit to Kuwait


2019-07-30 14:51


Alsumaria News


The Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi published on Tuesday the results of the Parliament Speaker’s visit to the State of Kuwait.

“Al Halbusi concluded an official two-day visit to Kuwait to discuss ways of investing the funds allocated for the reconstruction of Iraq at the Kuwait International Conference of Donors held under Kuwaiti auspices in February 2018, and expand the horizons of cooperation between the two countries,” the office said in a statement. The two countries in issues of common concern in the interest of the two brotherly peoples. ”

He added that the visit included a number of meetings and meetings, which were attended by the Amir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Crown Prince Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Prime Minister Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouq Al-Ghanim, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Defense Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sabah Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah. 

“The meetings and discussions focused during the visit on strengthening relations between the Kuwaiti National Assembly and the Iraqi Council of Representatives, working on coordination of positions in international and regional forums, activating parliamentary diplomacy, as well as expanding cultural, artistic and sports activities to contribute to restoring social harmony among the people of Iraq. Kuwait and the promotion of religious and archaeological tourism. “ 

He pointed out that “the meetings stressed the need for all countries in the region to calm and reduce the escalation and tension and defuse the war; to maintain stability, and to prevent the danger of their people, in addition to supporting the work of the Iraqi government, and contribute to reconstruction and provision of services to citizens, : 

Find a mechanism for obtaining funds for the reconstruction of Iraq at the Kuwait International Donors Conference and forming joint committees for this purpose. 

• Accelerate the technical and administrative procedures for the implementation of Kuwait Development Fund projects in Iraq, donated by the State of Kuwait. 

Restoring the stability of the liberated cities by contributing to its reconstruction, rehabilitating the infrastructure, and building schools, hospitals and housing units at low cost. 

Facilitating the establishment of reception centers and health centers donated by the Emir of the State of Kuwait in the central and southern governorates to serve the citizens during the holy pilgrimage times in Najaf and Karbala. 

Qualifying and developing border ports between the two countries, and providing the necessary infrastructure for its work, financed by the Kuwait Fund for Development. 

Raising obstacles to housing and health projects that have not yet been completed and implemented by the Kuwaiti side in Basra governorate. 

Activate trade cooperation and increase the volume of economic exchange, and resolve all obstacles to the development of commercial traffic between Iraq and Kuwait. 

Facilitating the granting of mutual visas between the two countries through joint offices and enhancing security cooperation between them. 

Work on the start of talks to establish free trade and industrial zones between the two countries; to enhance trade cooperation and provide employment opportunities for the people of Basra province. 

Provide investment opportunities in all sectors; to implement projects in the Iraqi governorates, and provide job opportunities for the unemployed. 


The Central Bank maintains the ISO 9001: 2015 certification

July 30, 2019

To complement the efforts to achieve sustainability in the implementation of quality management standards at the CBI, the Bank announces the completion of the annual review procedures for the renewal of the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate in accordance with the requirements of this international standard and its renewal by the donor company.


The bank added that the renewal process was followed by the external audit of the Bank’s cash management operations. The bank has obtained this certificate a year ago, and these measures are intended to measure the extent to which it has maintained its approved standards for the next three years. The Bank confirms that it is in the process of applying other international standards aimed at developing the institutional performance issued by ISO and EFQM .


The bank demonstrates that this ISO 9001 certificate is a translation of its success in implementing international standards such as: (reducing re-employment costs, providing high quality services, using global best practices, increasing public and bank client confidence and ability to deal with Global challenges such as changes in oil, foreign exchange and gold prices).


Central Bank of Iraq

information Office

30 July 2019


8 decisions of the Council of Ministers .. Securing amounts for two ministries and 300 billion for farmers

Policy 30/07/2019 32

8 decisions of the Council of Ministers .. Securing amounts for two ministries and 300 billion for farmers



Kalkamesh Press / Press

On Tuesday, the cabinet agreed to secure a sum of money to the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of completing and rehabilitating prisons, in addition to securing an amount to the Ministry of Construction to complete the Kirkuk unified water project.

“The Council of Ministers held its regular session today under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi,” Abdul Mahdi said in a statement received by Kalmash Press.

“The Council discussed several issues prepared for its agenda and voted on the following resolutions:

First: Adopting the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy on the Charter of Cooperation of the oil-producing countries.

Second: Approval of the recommendation of the Ministerial Council of the Economy on contracts financed from the operational budget.

Third: Securing a sum to the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works for the purpose of completing the Kirkuk Unified Water Project / Phase II.

Fourth: Approval of the minutes of a meeting on the Kirkuk investment project plan for 2019.

Fifth: Approval of securing an amount to the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of completing and rehabilitating prisons.

Sixth: Amend the item (I / A) of the Council of Ministers Resolution (190 of 2019) on the evaluation of decisions and directives issued by the former Council of Ministers, later in the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 190 of 2019, the implementation of the abolition of paragraph (5) 336 for the year 2018 as of 1/10/2018, and not to require the ratification of the certificate of origin and invoices in the Iraqi commercial attachés until the date mentioned above and to allow the entry of containers of meat and chicken and chicken lumps in the border crossings only after examination by the Ministry of Health and the issuance of import licenses, 1) From the date of entry into force of the decision of the Council of Ministers T (190) for the year 2019.

Seventh: the establishment of Mesopotamia / one of the formations of the Ministry of Agriculture to borrow from the Iraqi Bank for Trade and other banks the amount of 300 billion dinars for the purpose of payment of farmers’ benefits from the barley material for 2019.

Eighth: Approve the following decision to the head of the contracting authority with the approval of the Minister of Planning: Change the beneficiary of the open documentary credit to the new contract contract, which is terminated by the law and the instructions (by withdrawing the work or termination or termination by mutual consent or waiver) Contract under banking rules “.


The House of Representatives votes on several projects and raises its


2019/07/30 07:52:28

[Asharq Al-Awsat] The Iraqi Council of Representatives decided on Tuesday to raise its meeting to another notice after voting on several bills.

A source familiar with the twilight News that the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on the draft law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the minimum standards of social security No. (102) for the year 1952.

The House of Representatives also voted on the bill of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention on Rescue for the year 1989.

The Council also voted on the draft law on the ratification of the military and security cooperation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and then the Council of Representatives decided to raise its meeting to another notice.


Parliament votes to ratify military agreement between Iraq and Jordan

Editorial date: 2019/7/30 15:19 • 66 times scheduled

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The House voted on the draft law on ratification of the military and security cooperation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .. Follow


Iraq operates 140 factories and offers 196 investment opportunities

Editorial date: • 2019/7/30 15:00

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Industry Minister Saleh al-Jubouri revealed the preparation of 196 investment opportunities.

Jubouri said in a press interview that “the ministry has prepared about 196 investment opportunities for the purpose of concluding contracts for partnership with international companies solid under the laws and regulations in force in Iraq for the transfer of advanced technology and promote the industrial reality in the country.

He added that “the industry is faltering at the moment and the ministry is trying to restore it to its previous era by raising the slogan” Made in Iraq “and the re-operation of factories, where the ministry has about 140 plants currently working and the Ministry has an ambitious plan and a government program to effectively re-operate.

The Minister of Industry “on the importance of achieving security stability because of its positive repercussions on the economic reality in the country as the investor looking for a safe environment and a stable political situation to invest his money through the establishment of fruitful and successful projects.”