Trump adviser reveals US-Iraqi cooperation to impose economic sanctions against Iraqi personalities


Washington – Washington is working with Baghdad to impose sanctions on Iraqi figures accused of human rights abuses, persecution of minorities and corruption, a member of the advisory board of US President Donald Trump said on Sunday.

“The US government is working with the Iraqi government to impose economic sanctions against Iraqi figures in Iraq that violate human rights and persecute religious minorities in Iraq and are accused of corruption,” Suma told the news agency. “The purpose of these sanctions is to help the Iraqi people, .

“There is a link between this issue and the economic sanctions against Iran,” Trump said. “If Washington finds any interaction between these figures and Iran, sanctions are likely to be imposed on them.”

“The US government is working with the Iraqi government to refer the files to the judiciary and to issue economic sanctions against them for violating human rights, and this is also to help the Iraqi government,” he said.

He pointed out that if America proves that there are Iraqi figures, including close cooperation with Iran, sanctions will be imposed on them and also because of corruption in their work as well as human rights issues.

“There is a big responsibility on the Iraqi judiciary to look at these matters as long as there are charges. The accused can return to the judiciary and acquit his court. They can resort to the Iraqi judiciary or resort to the US judiciary to respond to these charges.” The same chamber, “He said.

He stressed that “the sanctions on the four Iraqis were issued under a law that began with the time of Obama,” noting that “the consequences of this decision that these can not deal with US banks or banks that operate in dollars and can not visit the United States.”

He pointed out that “Washington does not want to interfere in Iraqi affairs and does not have any Iraqi army in it,” noting that “the number of US military in Iraq is only 5500.”

He noted that “Iraq is a friend of the United States and we want to keep him away from Iranian influence.”

The US Treasury Department announced the inclusion of MP Ahmad al-Jubouri (Abu Mazen), former governor of Nineveh province Nawfal al-Aakoub, commander of the Babylonian movement Rayyan Chaldean, commander of the Shabak forces in Nineveh Plain and Qadu, on its list of sanctions on charges of corruption and human rights violation.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhhOkzSPrSDOSUgGb4OHak74uzS9FA

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