Trump: We have something “terrifying” we pray that we do not have to use


 2019/07/25 15:17:52

US President Donald Trump on Thursday attended a ceremony at the Pentagon to welcome new Defense Minister Mark Esper. 
During the event, which was attended by senior officials including Vice President Mike Bens and members of the Esper family, Trump praised the minister’s career during his career, which began immediately after he graduated from West Point Military College in 1986. 
Trump said in a speech to the audience, Try to make sure that the US military will be prepared to deter any conflict and defeat any enemy. ” 
“The US military is much stronger than it has ever been,” Trump said, adding that 
his administration was conducting a full review of the armed forces, adding that his priorities were always to ensure the security and sovereignty of the United States and its citizens, Describing them as new strategic enemies.
The next defense budget will be “much more” than the current $ 716 billion budget, the president said, without giving details. 
“We have re-built things that no one has thought of rebuilding, adding the world’s strongest aircraft and missiles, and modernizing our nuclear power with a new force,” he said. “We pray that we do not have to use them, but we have the best military forces that can terrorize the hearts of our enemies” . 
Esper became the first permanent defense minister since the resignation of former minister Jim Matisse last December.


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