International Islamic Bank announces the launch of the Travel Card service

Part of the festivity


Economy News _ Baghdad

The International Islamic Bank launched a new service under the name of travel cards (Travel Card) in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alaq and the Association of Iraqi private banks, at the headquarters of the bank.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alak, said in a speech during the ceremony and attended by “Economy News” that “the International Bank surprises us from time to time through the introduction of new banking products to keep abreast of developments in the banking business in all parts of the world,” noting today the world is witnessing the so-called revolution The fourth revolution (digital revolution), which is changing the face of the world now in another direction and the banking sector is the first in this revolution, providing speed, accuracy, service and means of analysis and control at work.

He added that the Central Bank is focusing today on the replacement of electronic tools to carry out all banking operations and to keep banks from dealing with the customer with a lot of costs and effort previously.

He pointed out that “the radical solution to end the talk of corruption within the institutions of the state is the introduction of modern technologies and make them manage operations and remove the citizen from the employee to eliminate the phenomenon of bribery and extortion and other negative aspects.”

For its part, the Managing Director of the International Islamic Bank Suha Al-Kafai said that the bank launched a specific strategy for four years from the date 2016 2020 coincided with the strategy of the Central Bank in modernizing the banking system and today we announce that we have implemented all our plans for this period to build an Iraqi bank The methodology of scientific development using modern electronic systems to save time, effort and money to beneficiaries of this bank.

Al-Kafa’i explained that today we celebrate the release of the travel card (JD, USD) and the Internet Bank, which is the first of the electronic systems, so that the citizen and the owners of companies and foreign investor can enter his bank account wherever he is in any country and use his account with payment and transfer services, Or a personal computer. ”

She pointed out that “most of the international companies looking for banking services in Iraq equivalent to the owners in the countries of the world have all the protections required from the risks expected to encourage them to enter and invest in the country and today we tell them we provide these services and provides a solid financial environment Organization seeks to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq Seriously and practically. ”


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