Trump: We have something “terrifying” we pray that we do not have to use


 2019/07/25 15:17:52

US President Donald Trump on Thursday attended a ceremony at the Pentagon to welcome new Defense Minister Mark Esper. 
During the event, which was attended by senior officials including Vice President Mike Bens and members of the Esper family, Trump praised the minister’s career during his career, which began immediately after he graduated from West Point Military College in 1986. 
Trump said in a speech to the audience, Try to make sure that the US military will be prepared to deter any conflict and defeat any enemy. ” 
“The US military is much stronger than it has ever been,” Trump said, adding that 
his administration was conducting a full review of the armed forces, adding that his priorities were always to ensure the security and sovereignty of the United States and its citizens, Describing them as new strategic enemies.
The next defense budget will be “much more” than the current $ 716 billion budget, the president said, without giving details. 
“We have re-built things that no one has thought of rebuilding, adding the world’s strongest aircraft and missiles, and modernizing our nuclear power with a new force,” he said. “We pray that we do not have to use them, but we have the best military forces that can terrorize the hearts of our enemies” . 
Esper became the first permanent defense minister since the resignation of former minister Jim Matisse last December.


Baghdad and Erbil announce an important agreement regarding pending files

Editorial date: 2019/7/25 21:13

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Joint High Committee of the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government met to resolve the outstanding issues between the two governments.

The committee said in a statement received by the {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “under the supervision of the Prime Minister of the Territory and Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government for energy to start dialogue on finding just and constitutional solutions to the outstanding issues.”

The statement added that “in a friendly atmosphere of purpose and mutual understanding and honest structure was discussed on the basic files, especially the {file of disputed areas, the file of financial issues and the budget, and the file of oil and gas}.”

The statement added that “it was agreed to develop practical mechanisms to discuss the details of the outstanding issues through the formation of technical committees of the relevant ministries under the supervision of the Joint High Committee.”

The statement said that “it was decided at the meeting to continue communication between the parties in the direction of finding radical solutions to all constitutional problems outstanding in the interest of all, and is scheduled to meet technical committees in Baghdad next week.” is over

International Islamic Bank announces the launch of the Travel Card service

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Economy News _ Baghdad

The International Islamic Bank launched a new service under the name of travel cards (Travel Card) in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alaq and the Association of Iraqi private banks, at the headquarters of the bank.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alak, said in a speech during the ceremony and attended by “Economy News” that “the International Bank surprises us from time to time through the introduction of new banking products to keep abreast of developments in the banking business in all parts of the world,” noting today the world is witnessing the so-called revolution The fourth revolution (digital revolution), which is changing the face of the world now in another direction and the banking sector is the first in this revolution, providing speed, accuracy, service and means of analysis and control at work.

He added that the Central Bank is focusing today on the replacement of electronic tools to carry out all banking operations and to keep banks from dealing with the customer with a lot of costs and effort previously.

He pointed out that “the radical solution to end the talk of corruption within the institutions of the state is the introduction of modern technologies and make them manage operations and remove the citizen from the employee to eliminate the phenomenon of bribery and extortion and other negative aspects.”

For its part, the Managing Director of the International Islamic Bank Suha Al-Kafai said that the bank launched a specific strategy for four years from the date 2016 2020 coincided with the strategy of the Central Bank in modernizing the banking system and today we announce that we have implemented all our plans for this period to build an Iraqi bank The methodology of scientific development using modern electronic systems to save time, effort and money to beneficiaries of this bank.

Al-Kafa’i explained that today we celebrate the release of the travel card (JD, USD) and the Internet Bank, which is the first of the electronic systems, so that the citizen and the owners of companies and foreign investor can enter his bank account wherever he is in any country and use his account with payment and transfer services, Or a personal computer. ”

She pointed out that “most of the international companies looking for banking services in Iraq equivalent to the owners in the countries of the world have all the protections required from the risks expected to encourage them to enter and invest in the country and today we tell them we provide these services and provides a solid financial environment Organization seeks to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq Seriously and practically. ”

The appointment of a new governor of the Central Bank and a head of the Financial Control Bureau

Release Date: 2019/7/25 15:14 •

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Cabinet decided, in its first meeting on Tuesday, the appointment of a new governor of the Central Bank of Iraq.

According to a document of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers obtained the {Euphrates News} a copy of them, the Council “decided to recommend to the House of Representatives to appoint [Ali Abdul Amir Allawi] governor of the Central Bank, based on the provisions of Article 1 of the First Amendment Law of the Central Bank of Iraq The

appointment of { Salah Nuri Khalaf} head of the Federal Financial Control Bureau, based on the provisions of Article 23 of the Law of the Office of Financial Supervision The

Council of Ministers also requested the Council of Representatives to appoint [Mohamed Abdel Hadi Mohamed Taqi Hakim} adviser to the Prime Minister, and [Fayad Hassan Nema] agent of the Ministry Oil, and {Hamid Younis Saleh Zobaie} and K. Yalla to the Ministry of Oil and {Adel Karim Kak Ahmed} as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals

The Council of Ministers asks the Parliament to nominate candidates for the posts of Governor of the Central Bank and the Bureau of Financial Control

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Iraq receives international bids to establish petrochemical industries


Economy News Baghdad

Iraq announced that it received offers from international companies to establish plants for petrochemical industries in the country.

“The ministry has a project with Shell to develop the gas industry in the country through the establishment of an advanced plant for the petrochemical industries, because this type of industry is related to the gas industry,” said Asim Jihad, spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, .

He added that «the Ministry of Oil will work with (Shell) to establish the project during the next phase», adding that «the ministry received offers from international companies to establish petrochemical plants».

He explained that «the ministry is working to keep pace with global trends towards the petrochemical industries, and strengthen the position of Iraq on the map of production, through the diversification of oil exports».

The spokesman said that «the ministry has developed a strategy to increase the investment of gas through the establishment of the company (Gas Basrah), which invests four fields in the province, and the contract with the (G) to invest gas in the fields of Nasiriyah and Gharraf, and the agreement to contract with companies for consultations to invest gas in Other oil fields in the province of Basra, including international companies to invest gas in the province of Maysan ».

“In addition to the expected economic gains, the increase in production and investment of the sector” will cover a large part of the local need, which will be increased by the development and growth of industrial, commercial and housing, “Jihad said.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Oil that «Korean companies resumed work on the investment of free gas in the field of crutches, which is one of the largest fields in Iraq».

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Kuwait begins visa procedures for about 400 Iraqi economic figures

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Economy News _ Baghdad

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti Minister of Trade and Industry Khalid Al-Roudhan announced on Thursday the introduction of a multi-entry visa scheme for 400 Iraqi economic figures as part of efforts to develop relations between the two countries.
“A special committee was set up to strengthen trade relations with Iraq, in accordance with the directives of the Emir of Kuwait Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah,” Al-Roudhan said.
He added that his visit to Iraq last week came “within the framework of the ambitious state plan to open different markets and the desire of the Amir of Kuwait to open a free market with Iraq, where things reached between the two sides to advanced stages.”
“The objective of these visits is not only economic, but when Iraq stabilizes, Kuwait will settle, then will create economic capabilities and the volume of mutual benefit between the two peoples.”