International companies offering Iraq to establish petrochemical plants


Editorial date: 2019/7/24 8:36 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Ministry of Oil intends to achieve a jump in the production of gas and development of its industry in cooperation with the company, “Royal Dutch Shell,” explaining that the project requires the establishment of an advanced plant for petrochemical industries.
“The Ministry has a project with Shell to develop the gas industry in the country, through the establishment of an advanced plant for the petrochemical industries, because this type of industry is associated with the gas industry,” ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a press statement. 
Jihad said that “the Ministry of Industry will work with Shell to establish the project during the next phase,” noting that “the ministry received offers from international companies to establish petrochemical plants.” 
Jihad said that “the ministry is working to keep pace with global trends towards the petrochemical industries, and strengthen the position of Iraq on the map of production through the diversification of oil exports.”
He pointed out that “the ministry has developed a strategy to increase the investment of gas through the establishment of the Gas Company of Basra, which invests four fields in the province, and contract with the company« Ji »gas investment in the fields of Nasiriyah and Gharraf and agree to contract with companies for consultations to invest gas in other oil fields in Basra , Including a global gas investment in the province of Maysan, will also cover a large part of the local need, which will be increased by the development and growth of industrial, commercial and housing. 
The spokesman of the Ministry of Oil that “the Korean companies resumed work on the investment of free gas in the field of crutches, which is one of the largest fields in Iraq.”

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