Planning approves more than 91 billion dinars to improve services in Baghdad

Editorial date: 2019/7/24 18:04

The Minister of Planning Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi, on Wednesday, approved the release of 91 billion and 542 million dinars to finance the investment projects of the Secretariat of Baghdad within the plan this year.

This came during a meeting with the ministry’s cabinet on Wednesday, director of the Mansour district Abdullah Kananir and his delegation.

Al-Dulaimi said during the meeting, “The Ministry of Planning’s vision is to enable local governments to balance their budgets and unite their efforts and provide them with the possible means of supporting them in order to provide sustainable services.

He stressed “the support of the Ministry of Planning for the implementation of more vital projects in the province of Baghdad and the districts and the areas and villages associated with them, especially with regard to the sectors of health and education and municipal services,” pointing to “the need to invest budgets approved in the resumption of the implementation of vital projects of high achievement” .

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