State Department confirms the support of the Government of Kurdistan and its efforts to reform


US State Department

delighted Barzani

2019/07/23 11:27:53

Twilight News / Washington expressed its support for the Kurdistan Regional Government, the principle of welcoming its efforts in reform, especially the economic side.

This came Tuesday, during a telephone call received by the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region pleased Barzani of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The official website of the Kurdistan Regional Government that Pompeo renewed congratulations Barzani pleased to mark his work as head of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The US Secretary of State stressed the importance of strengthening relations between the United States and the Kurdistan Region, stressing his country’s support for the ninth government cabins and especially its efforts for economic reform.

Pompeo welcomed Barzani’s recent visit to Baghdad at the head of a senior government. “America encourages both sides to resolve all outstanding issues through dialogue,” he said.

For his part, Barzani pleased that any solution to the outstanding issues with Baghdad should be based on taking the rights and duties of each party in mind, stressing the importance of continued US support for the Peshmerga forces.

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