The popular crowd announces the results of the investigation by shelling its camp and violating the official version

 2019/07/21 09:00:05

The Central Commission of Inquiry sent by the People’s Assembly on Sunday announced the results of the investigation into the bombing of the Martyrs’ Camp of the Commission, which is located near the city of Ameri. 
The report of the specialized committee confirmed that the investigations conducted had proved that the explosion was not a military target as a result of a plane or a guided missile, but was a fire of solid fuel due to an internal defect. 
The report pointed out that the incident did not result in the death of the ranks of the Popular Forces. 
The Popular People’s Assembly sent an investigative committee composed of the directorates of security, intelligence, missiles, field engineering and experts with explosives and aircraft to the Martyrs’ Camp to investigate the incident.
The security information cell said that the Martyrs’ Camp in the area of ​​Admiral of the 16th Brigade, a popular crowd was attacked Friday dawn by an unknown march aircraft, wounding two, while an official in the Popular Forces – which includes factions close to Iran – the killing of a component of the popular crowd And wounding two others. 
The US Central Command denied that its troops had any role in the air attack on the camp, but said it was aware of it. 
Col. Mohammad Khalil al-Bazi of the Salahuddin provincial police command said earlier that two of the wounded were Iranian advisers or trainers supervising the popular crowd. 
A videotape posted on social media sites sparked a fire at the target site. Local sources said the camp was under tight security by the crowd and included Iranian and Lebanese advisers working with the crowd in the area.
Iranian trainers or advisers have never been identified in the popular crowd in the area and no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. 
Iran officially confirms that there is no military presence in Iraq, but many experts point to the presence of military advisers training Iraqi fighters, especially from the popular mobilization factions, whose participation was crucial in fighting the state organization.


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