CENTCOM: Our forces have nothing to do with the attack on the Tikrit headquarters in Tikrit

2019/07/20 13:5

BAGHDAD / The US Central Command said on Saturday that US forces had nothing to do with the air strike on a popular rally in Salah al-Din, a security information cell in Iraq.

The cell said in its statement that “the camp of martyrs in the area of Ameri, belonging to the 16th Brigade, the popular crowd, was exposed at exactly one and fifty minutes, and the twenty-second minutes (dawn Friday), to bombardment grenade thrown by an unknown march aircraft, “He said.

But local reports said there were casualties.

Over the past months, the headquarters of the popular group, especially on the Syrian border, have been shelled. The crowd is often accused of carrying out the attacks.

Israeli analyst Babek Tak Hefi said on Friday evening, July 19, 2019, that an Israeli F-35 had carried out the attack on the crowd camp.

The British ELINT News website, Friday, July 19, 2019, that the strike against one of the sites of the crowd was from the Air Force “Israeli”.

“A number of military sites and sources confirmed that the strike was directed at the Israeli air force,” the website said in an emergency report.

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