Keywords: The banking sector is the first beneficiary of technological developments in the world



Iraq’s central bank governor said on Wednesday that the banking sector will be led by the future of information technology and will be the sector affected and the first beneficiary of technological changes and technologies.

Al-Alak said in a speech at the opening ceremony of the Monetary Management Center of the National Bank of Iraq, that “the speed today has become an important element in the management The banking sector is about the speed and accuracy and diversity is the most need to use these developments. The monetary mentality will lead the banking sector not only in Iraq, but in the world All “.

“In 2006, five energy companies and one technology company were leading the world, while now five international companies are the months and only one energy company,” he said. “He said.

“We have been delayed by decades and we are able to catch up with the ability to absorb development. Young people have proven to be able to interact positively with the technological developments in the world.

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