A senior delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Barzani to visit Baghdad on Tuesday

2019/07/15 06:59:01

(Reuters) – A senior delegation of his government will visit the federal capital Baghdad on Tuesday, Prime Minister Meshur Azrani said on Monday.

Barzani said during the first meeting with his government team today that a high-level delegation from the provincial government will visit Baghdad tomorrow to express good intentions and to conduct dialogues on finding a suitable solution to the outstanding differences between Erbil and Baghdad within the framework of the Constitution.

Barzani was pleased after the formation of his new government to visit Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, and put in his program the government a number of points to regulate the relationship with Baghdad to resolve the dispute. “A constructive and stable partnership with Baghdad,”

which said:

This is a new era for the Kurdistan Region, which means renewing our relationship with our partners in the Federal Republic of Iraq. The priority of the administration is to develop a constructive and stable partnership with Baghdad based on mutual respect and cooperation. This includes a clear understanding of the rights and duties of the parties.

We share a range of mutual interests with Baghdad that cover trade, the security of our borders and the economic prosperity of our citizens. These interests can be achieved only through partnership rather than constant competition. There are long-term issues that need to be addressed and this Government is committed to finding new ways of dialogue. The goal should be to leave past conflicts in favor of developing new approaches to common challenges.

The constitution will be the core of the negotiations with Baghdad, which will be led by a high-level negotiating team from the Kurdistan Regional Government. The participation will focus on the following issues:

Annual budget allocations for Kurdistan

We resolve the sharing of the import equation that sets the annual budget and secure a just and lasting agreement for Kurdistan.

Distribution of oil and gas resources

We will seek the full implementation of Articles 111 and 112 of the Constitution, which enhances the rights of Kurdistan in relation to the equitable distribution of oil and gas and development. If supported, the government program will increase transparency and investment in the oil and gas sector, which works to increase oil exports in Iraq and Kurdistan.

Military and Security Cooperation

We will strengthen our ability to combat common threats, address security changes in disputed areas and ensure that the Peshmerga is included in Iraq’s defense system.

Disputed areas

Our priority is to resolve the issue of disputed areas in line with the road map provided for in Article 140 of the Constitution, otherwise this map is implemented, priority must be for joint security and administrative coordination with the federal government in the disputed areas.

Political Cooperation

We will work to strengthen our political cooperation with the government in Baghdad, with emphasis on the principles of partnership, harmony and balance on which the constitution is based.

Compensation of martyrs

In line with Article 132 of the Constitution, we will strengthen our constitutional right to compensate the martyrs and victims of Anfal and affected by the former Baath regime.

Barzani also said he would pay a close visit to Baghdad to meet Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and political forces to discuss resolving the differences.


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