Massoud Barzani congratulates Dawa Party and Maliki: We hope to establish a new era with Kurdistan


 2019/07/14 08:06:23

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government congratulated Barzani, the Islamic Dawa Party successfully the conference and renewed confidence in Nuri al-Maliki as Secretary-General of the party. 
I hope that this will be the impetus for establishing a new era in relations with the Kurdistan Region, in light of the positive atmosphere prevailing now, “Barzani said in a statement to the twilight news. 
“We congratulate the Dawa Party for playing a role in consolidating and stabilizing the atmosphere, which reflects positively on the long-term relationship between Arbil and Baghdad and the prosperity of Iraq in general.” 
On Saturday, the Islamic Dawa party in Iraq re-elected Nuri al-Maliki, party secretary-general, during party elections in the southern Iraqi province of Karbala.

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