Morgini to Abdul Mahdi: Iraq is an important success story in the region

Release date: 2019/7/13 19:02

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi received on Saturday, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, Federica Mugrini.

A statement from his office, received a copy of the “Euphrates News,” Abdul Mahdi said during the meeting that Iraq sees the European Union as a key partner, has made important progress and we are still working in this direction, pointing out that Iraq wants to encourage European investment in Iraq and increase cooperation in all fields , Political, cultural, economic and social. ”

Abdul-Mahdi said that “Iraq’s victory over a supporter gave a high price, and the effects of this victory is important for Iraq and the region and the world, including the European Union, and that the major countries to establish Iraq in its reality as a country emerged from the war and is now rising strongly and effectively not as a stable state For a long time, and should consider the criteria applied in the classification of international relations to Iraq as a country began to settle after fighting long wars, and therefore need some kind of positive discrimination.

For her part, Mughrini confirmed that “I have seen Baghdad now not seen the previous time, and that there is a great change for the better, indicating that the main purpose of her visit to Baghdad is to emphasize the EU’s support for Iraq politically, morally and financially, as well as to show solidarity with him, One of the best partners of the European Union, praising the success of Iraq’s balanced foreign policy in the region, calling for the continuation of this policy. ”

“The Iraqi-European positions are identical and the outlook for the region is similar,” she said. “More cooperation will help ensure stability in the region and the world,” she said, stressing that Iraq is an important success story in the region and that the EU wants to continue supporting the success story. This. “Done

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