Rafidain Bank launches its approach to change and renewal at the station


Samir Nusairi

The fourth goal of the goals of the Central Bank ‘s strategy for the years (2016 – 2020 ) is the investment in human capital has turned this goal into reality embodied in the celebration of joyful and joy ventured organized by the Iraqi Association of private banks at the station in partnership with the Bank of Iraq and the international company for the smart card and a set of joint efforts Jordan, which carried out the training for the graduation of 120 bank employees representing 14 branches of the Rafidain Bank in Baghdad in the two sessions of customer service and the development of skills of staff Teler and organized by the Association of banks for employees of Rafidain Bank for the purpose of preparing the bank to start the banking system The new Ktrona.

The advantage of this event is the participation of the general manager of the bank and its assistants and all the managers of the departments and branches and a large number of employees for the purpose of actually starting the process of change and renewal of work systems and programs and modern banking technologies and stimulate all sections and branches of the bank that their bank has already started the process of change and renewal and that the process started to move in the right direction of the bank The first government to practice banking business, which is considered throughout the years of his work as the home of expertise of the Iraqi banking sector and contributed to the private sector banking expertise and cadres, which are currently managed by employees of Rafidain who have already worked in the bank.

And that the important in the celebration is the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq in sponsoring and supporting this celebration in line with the achievement of the goal of developing the banking sector and rehabilitation of young people and develop their abilities to start the banking business in accordance with the applications of the new electronic banking system.

That such initiatives are national practices to serve the national economy and serve young people to take their positions in the leadership of society because Iraq is about to move to a new stage in overcoming the stage of the financial crisis and economic to a new stage after a mission that inspires us to draw lessons and lessons from the experiences of peoples and developed countries politically and economically Depending on the Iraqi youth, efficient and ambitious and enlightened in the leadership of institutions of the national economy and in particular the banking market a new methodology depends on the vitality and determination to overcome the challenges and focus on young believers in the ability of his beloved country Iraq and its Iraqi people In the sound construction of the economy in a new spirit that carries all the aspirations of young people and provide the best services and products to the public in accordance with the look of the keenness on the development of policies, programs and visions.


* Economic and banking consultant


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