Abdul Mahdi sends assurances to the oil companies in Iraq

2019/07/02 11:40:44

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi on Tuesday assured oil companies working in Iraq.

“All the oil companies operate safely and smoothly in Iraq,” Abdul Mahdi told a weekly news conference.

“We discussed with the Saudi monarch coordination to maintain the levels of oil prices.”

“The Council of Ministers agrees with the recommendations for the reconstruction of Nineveh,” he said, noting that “the members of the Security Council have confirmed that Iraq is out of the crisis and successfully steps towards development.”


Cabinet takes a number of important decisions {expanded}

Editorial date: 2019/7/2 21:14

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Cabinet held its weekly regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the President of the Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi, and discussed many issues and topics prepared for its agenda and took a number of decisions.

“The Council approved the recommendations of the Ministerial Council for the economy on the cement industry in Iraq, while approved a loan agreement {project to develop and improve electricity services] between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development.”

“The Council also approved the recommendations of the report of the inspection visit to the province of Nineveh, which includes standing on the reality of service and overcome the difficulties facing the implementation of projects.”

In the housing sector, the statement confirmed that “the recommendations of the minutes of the consultative meeting to determine a certain percentage of the completion of housing projects before the ownership of land to investors was approved and to ensure the seriousness of the investor in the completion of the project on his shoulders.”

He continued,

“The council also decided to approve the proposal of the Ministry of Planning on the joint committees for armaments contracts,” the statement concluded.


Parliament extends its legislative term for one month and ends reading and adjusting the budget of 2019 {expanded}

Editorial date: 2019/7/2 17:57

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives in its thirtieth session held under the chairmanship of Mohammed Halboussi, the President of the Council, on Tuesday, 2/7/2019 and in the presence of 172 deputies, read five laws between them proposed the First Amendment Law of the Budget Law Of 2019 and extended the current legislative term by one month.

According to the statement of the Information Service of the Council, received {Euphrates News} copy of it, that “at the beginning of the meeting opened by the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Hassan Karim Kaabi, the vote was postponed on appeals filed on the validity of the membership of some deputies because of the availability of a two-thirds majority of the members of the Council.”

The Council voted to proceed with the report and discuss the proposed amendment to the First Law of the Federal General Budget of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019 No. (1) for the year 2019 and submitted by the Finance Committee.

The interventions of the deputies need to submit a financial proposal for the law of the conditions of office positions away from quotas and the legislation of the Federal Service Council and the statement to the existence of a violation of the law concerning the uncles of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the continued issuance of orders from the incumbents of the proxy and the issue of national balance of all the Iraqi people in the reasons Positive to the proposed law.

The interventions included not giving the government a specific period to resolve the question of the positions of the proxy to allow the opportunity to choose candidates for positions and the importance of speeding the government to resolve the file in a neutral and complete and send the names to the House of Representatives for approval or rejection as well as a proposal that includes the opening of electronic submission of positions to order Ensure that the quota is avoided.

President Halabousi directed the committee to receive the remarks of deputies to prepare the bill and submit it to the vote at the next meeting.

The Presidency of the Council decided to extend the current legislative term for a period of one month in order to complete the important laws that contribute to enhancing the reality of the citizens, provided that the supervisory role of the ladies and gentlemen in their parliamentary committees continues in addition to their work in their governorates.

The President Halabousi, based on the interventions of a number of deputies on the implications of the transfer of ownership of more than 16 thousand acres of land surrounding the Baghdad International Airport, hosting the concerned parties in the relevant committees or in meetings of the Council and stop the government’s actions in this regard and follow up all the priorities related to the subject.

Halaboussi also invited the ladies and gentlemen to support the efforts of the Ministry of Culture to add the Babylonian monuments to the World Heritage List.

The Council completed the first reading of the draft law on survivors of Yazidiyat, submitted by the committees of martyrs, victims, political prisoners, human rights, women, families and children. The crimes committed by the terrorist groups against the Isidin amounted to genocide according to international standards. These crimes resulted in psychological, social and health damage to those abducted by women and children Addressing the negative effects of women survivors and granting them the necessary rights and integration into society and rehabilitation for the purpose of returning to normal life practiced by women.

The Council completed the first reading of the draft law on the ratification of an agreement on the Global Alliance of Drylands submitted by the committees of foreign relations, agriculture, water and marshes in order to promote food security in member countries and to face the dangers of food shortages and to achieve joint cooperation in the face of acute emergency crises in this regard. On the establishment of the Global Drylands Alliance.

During the meeting, which was chaired by Vice President Bashir Haddad, the council ended the reading of a report and discussion of the draft law for the first amendment of the law of agricultural quarantine No. (76) for 2012 submitted by the committees of agriculture, water, marshes, health and environment.

The MPs’ interventions focused on the necessity of maintaining the application for health leave from the importing person and increasing the allocations of quarantine staff.

The Council concluded the discussion of the draft law of the Information and Communication Authority, submitted by the Committees of Services, Reconstruction, Culture, Information, Tourism and Antiquities.

The interventions included giving the government companies the first round of licenses, and the need to legislate the law on communications and informatics before starting to legislate this law and benefit from the expertise of specialists, and call for the integration of the Information and Communications Authority of the Ministry of Communications to reduce administrative dispersion.

In another matter, the investigative committee of the displaced women’s home in Adhamiya recommended in its report on the fact that a criminal complaint should be filed and that the perpetrators should be referred to the judiciary for acts of a criminal nature that indicate the existence of criminal behavior that led to a fire in the house. And the revision of the legislation related to juvenile care and the law of juvenile reform and the law of provinces not organized in the province to determine the specialized body to manage these roles and work to strengthen the role of social researcher and activate the role of care after that guarantee the rehabilitation of displaced persons and their integration into society.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs also demanded an investigation into the handover of 24 beneficiaries to their families immediately after the incident, without considering their interests and considering the possibility of including homeless girls in the social protection network. A judicial decision and provide psychological and health programs for rehabilitation and provide a specialized cadre of highly qualified in the field of rehabilitation, care and management, as well as the penalty of dismissal of the Director of the House of Youth events and the penalty of warning to the Director General of the Department of Welfare Lagat and special assistant penalty reprimand to the Director of the Department of State and the role of the warden of procedural power in the house, in addition to the orderlies officer in the rehabilitation of female juvenile House and referred to the competent courts.

Bashir Haddad called parliamentary committees concerned with the follow-up of the affairs of care institutions and orphanages, calling on the government to pay great attention to the role of accommodation and guests residing in it.

Haddad also hosted the heads of the security and defense committees and the displaced, who are responsible for the Ministry of Displacement and Migration to inquire about the possibility of returning the displaced Iraqis living inside the Syrian border.

The Council also completed the first reading of the draft law to address the violations of housing provided by the committees of services, reconstruction, legal, security and defense in order to address the abuses of housing on land owned by the state or municipalities within the limits of the basic designs before the date of entry into force of this law and correct the legal status of those who exceeded the rent of land over which to build residential homes and for the purpose Preventing the encroachment on real estate belonging to the state and municipalities and the removal that they have obtained.

It was then decided to adjourn the meeting


The House of Representatives extends its legislative term for one month


Editorial date: 2019/7/2 14:59 • 61 times read

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives decided on Tuesday to extend its legislative term for one month in order to complete the important laws.

A parliamentary source, told the {Euphrates News}, “The Presidency of the House of Representatives decided during the meeting today, to extend his term of law for one month.”

The source added that “this comes in order to complete the important laws that contribute to enhancing the reality of citizens on the continuation of the oversight role of deputies in their parliamentary committees and their provinces.”


The House of Representatives ends the discussion of the first amendment proposal for the budget law

Editorial date: 2019/7/2 14:57

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The House of Representatives ended on Tuesday discussing the proposed amendment to the first law of the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq.

A parliamentary source, {Euphrates News}, that “the House of Representatives ended during its meeting today, discuss the proposed law of the first amendment to the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq No. 1 of 2019.”

The parliament held its regular session, chaired by First Deputy Speaker Hassan al-Kaabi


The Central Bank invites banks and electronic payment companies to publish electronic payment tools

Central Bank of Iraq


Economy News Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, banks and electronic payment companies operating in Iraq to deploy electronic payment tools represented by ATM and POS POS .

Central said in a statement received “Economy News”, “Central Bank of Iraq calls for banks and electronic payment operating in all of Iraq to develop plans and strategies for the dissemination of collection tools ATM the ATM , POS POS commensurate with the number of electronic payment cards.”

He stressed that the goal is to “shift towards electronic payment and facilitate this service to the beneficiaries.”

The statement pointed out that “there is no objection to the continuation of banks and companies pay to work through the agents (cash withdrawals) until the availability of adequate dissemination of collection tools.”


Association of Iraqi private banks concludes the course «General Rules for the protection of personal data GDPR»

Side of graduation course Banks

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Iraqi Private Banks Association concluded Tuesday a training course entitled “General Rules for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) and CRS”, with the participation of a number of government and private banks and the Central Bank.
The director of administration and training in the Association of Iraqi private banks, Ahmed Hashemi, during the closing ceremony of the session and attended by “Economy News”, “The training course was established by the Association in cooperation with the Union of Arab banks and the Central Bank of Iraq,” noting that “the groups targeted by the session are, Compliance and Risk Management Unit Officers, Control and Audit Officers, Information Technology and Information Security Officers, and Legal Department Officials. ”
He added that the participants in the session were able to study the details of the European law for the protection of personal data and analyze and understand the applicability of the articles of this law to European and non-European institutions, particularly the Arab banking sector, as well as analysis of the pillars of this law and the necessary mechanisms to implement its provisions Where applicable. ”


Parliament holds a meeting chaired by Kaabi

Editorial Date: 2019/7/2 14:00

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives held, Tuesday, its 30 chaired by the First Vice-President Hassan al-Kaabi.

A parliamentary source, told the {Euphrates News}, “The Parliament held today, its 30 th session of the fourth parliamentary session for the first legislative year in the second legislative term under the chairmanship of First Vice President Hassan al-Kaabi.”

He added that “the meeting was held in the presence of 172 deputies.”