Sumer Bank: The four quality checks will strengthen the bank’s status internally and externally


The Managing Director of Sumer Fouad Hamza Bank interacts with the Bank’s staff and before them quality certificates. “Economy News”

Economy News Baghdad

The Executive Director of Sumer Commercial Bank Fouad Hamza said on Monday that the bank’s acquisition of four international certificates in the field of quality will enhance its position locally and internationally.

“The first certificate is ISO 9001 for 2015 related to quality management and ISO 27001 for 2013 related to the management of information security within the bank,” he said in an interview with Al-Iktissad News   .

He pointed out that “the fourth certificate is ISO 20000 for the year 2011 is related to the standards management of the information technology system and the fourth is ISO 22301 for 2012 and relates to the continuity of the business system within the bank.”

The director confirmed that the certificate of  ISO 22301  is the most important among its predecessors and “our bank race to obtain it,” noting that “the Bank of Sumer met all the requirements of the banking business with the Central Bank of Iraq during 20172018.

He said the bank had signed 16 contracts with Jordanian and Lebanese companies in the fields of banking training and infrastructure.

He said that the activities of the Association of Iraqi private banks “excellent” especially with regard to the training of banking cadres and find solutions to the problems facing banks, revealing the participation of the Bank of Sumer, “78 courses and workshops and a seminar organized by the Association of Iraqi private banks during the past year”

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