Abdul Mahdi issues a decree on the popular crowd .. (Documents)

 Policy 2019/07/01 19:47  1403  Editor: bh

Baghdad today _ Baghdad

The Prime Minister of the Armed Forces, General Adel Abdul Mahdi, issued a decree on Monday on the popular mobilization, including several directives on the names of factions and headquarters and the association of fighters, while promising to prosecute violators.

“All the popular mobilization forces are an integral part of the armed forces, and all that applies to the armed forces except a special text is addressed,” Abdul Mahdi said in a Diwani order bearing the number 237. In the second paragraph, “to give up all the names used by the Popular Struggle factions in the heroic battles to eliminate a terrorist entity and to be replaced by military names (brigade, brigade, regiment, etc.), including clan or other formations, Military ranks of the armed forces as well. ”

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces ordered that “these units cut off individuals and formations of any political or administrative association referred to in paragraph (2).” The factions that do not join the armed forces can become political organizations subject to the law of political parties and laws , And prevents the carrying of weapons except the leave and the requirements of the protection of its civilian headquarters and leaders, as is the case of the rest of the political organizations.

The Prime Minister stressed that “the concentration camps of the popular mobilization forces should be defined exactly as they are for the rest of the armed forces,” directing that “the battlefields of the crowd must be subject to the battle regime adopted in accordance with the policies of the armed forces.”

Adel Abdul Mahdi also ordered “the closure of all the headquarters of the faction in the popular crowd, both in cities or outside, in addition to preventing the presence of any faction working secretly or publicly outside these instructions, and is out of the law and prosecute it,” also directed to “close All economic offices or controls or presence or interests established outside the new framework for the work and formations of popular mobilization as an institution is part of the armed forces.

“The date of July 31 deadline for the final arrangements for the completion of work under these controls,” Abdul Mahdi said, adding that “orders will be issued later to the structure of the People’s Assembly and its formations.”


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