Legal expert: All class holders are legally dead at 12 pm

Editorial Date: 2019/6/30 21:29

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Legal expert Tariq Harb that all the owners of special grades are legally dead at 12 o’clock on Sunday night.

“Article (58) of the Federal Budget Law,” he said, “Article (58) did not lift their hand from work only, but was obliged to stop all procedures , And any work after the specified period is considered null. ”

He added that “this invalidity may not stick to the government, but held by the person in a particular destination.”

He continued war “until the agreements of the three presidencies was lacking the legal side because article [58] of the budget law is in the Constitution and not the House of Representatives to submit a bill, but must come a new draft law.”

He pointed out that ”

“Every official after 12 pm is legally dead and the assistant receives the tasks,” he said, adding that “the extension of the deadline for the termination of the agency’s grades is a circumvention of the law because [the urban, preventive and nominal] “He said.

“Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, when he attended the reading of the budget law within the parliament, announced that the six months were insufficient and he had to demand a date for the end of the current year 2019, at least, would achieve 60% of these grades.”

“The law is amended by law and the constitution is amended by a constitution,” he said.

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