The wise minister is discussing with the Security Council Iraq’s needs for a post-urging period


Release date: 2019/6/29 16:50 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim met with members of the Security Council visiting Baghdad for a day in support of the Iraqi government.
“Al-Hakim reviewed the developments in the political situation in Iraq, the efforts of the government to restore security and stability, and the reconstruction of cities liberated from terrorist gangs,” a statement from the Foreign Ministry said. “Hakim reviewed the needs of Iraq for support by the Council Security in the post-victory phase and the government’s move towards adopting the investment program in the reconstruction of the provinces. ” 
“The minister expressed the government’s vision of the crises in the region, the need to adhere to the principle of political solution, and to avoid the sensitive area, which is due to the tensions that affect everyone in the event of wars and confrontations,” he said,
“The meeting discussed regional and international issues of interest to Iraq,” the statement said. is over

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