Parliamentary Finance: Budget 2020 will bring a boom in the Iraqi economy

08:54 – 29/06/2019


The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, Saturday, their agreement with the Ministry of Finance to receive the draft budget next year in September, indicating that the budget 2020 will make a quantum leap in the Iraqi economy.

“The Finance Committee and the federal ministries continue in meetings to discuss the budget next year and what are the basic needs of the government.”

He added that “the committee agreed with the Ministry of Finance to submit the budget early September next to include radical changes in public expenditure and investment funds and services.”

He explained that “the 2020 budget will be completely different from the previous budgets and will be closely matched with the government program to create a qualitative boom in the Iraqi economy,” noting that “the budget will be the highest in the history of budgets because of the availability of financial liquidity due to high

i oil prices.”

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