The agenda of the visit of the UN Security Council delegation to Baghdad on Saturday

Release date: 2019/6/28 18:49

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The capital Baghdad tomorrow will host members of the UN Security Council for a one-day visit at the invitation of the government.

“This is a historic visit that comes in line with Iraq’s intention to strengthen its international start, its effectiveness and its growing diplomatic activity in the process of opening up to the world, guided by the basic principles in the country,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad al-Sahaf said in a statement. Charter of the United Nations, which is one of its founders. ”

“It also marks the contents of this visit to success in efforts to extend security, stability and reconstruction, as well as to assert the sovereignty, unity and integrity of Iraq.”

“Iraq expresses the importance of this visit to an important organ of the United Nations because of its pivotal role in maintaining peace, security and the resolution of international issues through political means. It believes that its role must be strengthened and its functions effectively discharged; Suffer from the region. ”

He revealed that “the visit includes meetings with Presidents Barham Salih, the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi, the Council of Ministers Adel Abdul Mahdi, and representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq.”

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