A letter open to the Prime Minister of Iraq, his people and his economy first


Samir Nusairi

Samir Nusairi 

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Two days ago, in the media and social media, there is a change in the leadership positions of the private agencies. On the basis of what is specified in Article 8 e in the Budget Law 2019 that the 2019/6/30 date for the termination of proxy positions for all the leading positions in the Iraqi government. 
I believe that the application of this article transparently and without prior political intentions means that the competent authorities in the government and in the House of Representatives reassess those who hold these positions by adopting important and fundamental criteria that begin first and foremost from a analytical and analytical view of the results of the work of the official in the post. And what he and his team was able to achieve from the national achievements and have a direct impact on achieving the central objectives of the previous and current government within the hubs of its government programs approved by the House of Representatives.
In order to be clear and specific and direct and in the best interest of Iraq and its national economy. He called on Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Prime Minister of the distinguished. He is an economist who knows all the areas of success and failure in the Iraqi economy and who are the symbols of success who have achieved economic steadfastness and to take steady steps to achieve economic stability during the years Previous. 
What concerns us here is the role played by the Central Bank of Iraq and its achievements and bright points during the lean years (2015-2019), in which Iraq suffered from economic and security shocks and was able to policies, procedures and wise applications of monetary policy to support the national economy and contribute directly to the economic steadfastness And decisive victory over terrorism because military victory can not be achieved without steadfastness and economic support.

Therefore, through the review, analysis and evaluation neutrality and transparency of the Iraqi economic situation and in particular is achieved by the ministries and economic institutions in Iraq from a competent point of view has been reached facts and evidence and signals and achievements confirm that the Central Bank of Iraq proved to be the economic institution through its important achievements in supporting the economy National economic resilience and strive to accomplish economic stability, according to the main objectives of the strategy and sub-working side -by- side and fruitful cooperation with the special representative of the Iraqi Association of banks of the banking sector and this is what really achieved  
 as it contributed to the The victory over terrorism and accompanied by another victory is the steadfastness and economic victory, which was the team of the Central Bank of Iraq a key role and leading in achieving.

The most important of which is the support of the state treasury, the stability of the exchange rate, the recovery of the Iraqi dinar, the reduction of inflation and the maintenance of its share of less than (2%). And to maintain a 160% cash reserve as a cumulative accumulator in accordance with the latest IMF standard with gold reserves within an excellent record rate. The third is the Arab and the 37th globally, in addition to its adoption of standards and controls that comply with the requirements of international standards of compliance and Kavhh money laundering and terrorism financing and liquidation of up to 700 international Note registered on the Iraqi banking system and our exit from the area of ​​monitoring and follow-up according to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF (and strict adherence to achieving basic goals 
And the activation and consolidation of new visions for the applications of monetary policy and the important thing that is achieved is the stability of the exchange rate and reduce the gap between the official price of the US dollar and the parallel price is a key objective of monetary policy 
 and the implementation of the policy of re-trust banking transactions with Iraqi banks and Arab and foreign banks and seeking to build a solid banking sector and continuing To make extraordinary efforts to improve the banking reputation of international financial institutions and organizations and correspondent banks. 
 And building strong relations with Arab and foreign central banks and international financial organizations. The Security Council’s invitation to the Governor of the Central Bank in his rare event to present the achievements in the field of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism. The procedural, regulatory,
Which aims at achieving financial stability and developing the banking business technically, structurally and organizationally, and raising the percentage of financial coverage to the target percentage, where he prepared and laid the foundations of financial and technical appropriate to the reality of the Iraqi economy and banking mechanisms, which formed a solid base on the domestic and abroad. All these achievements have prompted the Arab bank governors to elect the Governor of the Central Bank as the current governor of the Arab Monetary Fund and as the chairman of their board in the next session, a vivid embodiment of Iraq’s economy recovering from its crises and that is a tribute to the Iraqi people and its economic, financial and banking institutions.
The Prime Minister is required to implement Article 58 in the budget of 2019 in accordance with transparency and respect for the principle of public service in the service of society and to be honored the achievement of national economic achievements and they are on the agency’s site and install and motivate them to complete the triumphant march in the service of Iraq and its people and economy. With appreciation


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  1. An encouraging article, to say the least. There should be a new CBI governor shortly. Thank you, Walter!

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