Who is the new defense minister?

Editorial date: 2019/6/24 14:32

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives, in its usual session today, Monday, to give confidence to the new Minister of Defense Najah al-Shammari.

The Shammari is:

Name: Special Forces Major General Hassan Ali ‘s success Shamari

nascent: Baghdad ‘s Adhamiya / 1967 {52}

Religion: Muslim

First Military College graduate course (71) 1987 class special forces


A promotion to the rank of brigadier 2004 (

b ) Promotion To the rank of brigade in the salary 2012

c – Retirement referral 2018 at the request of

2. Positions a

command of the Special Operations Brigade 2003-2004

B – Commander of the special operations squad 2004-2007

C – Deputy commander of counterterrorism forces 2007-2009

d – Senior teacher College National Defense 2009-2011

– Director of the Joint Coordination Center for the disputed areas 2011-2012

– Secretary of follow-up to the Ministry of Defense.

3. Certificates

B.Sc. Military Sciences, Iraq, 1987

B – Master in strategic planning for national security Iraq 2007

4. Courses

A session of counter-terrorism Jordan 2004

B – the course of the Supreme Staff America 2005

C – Counterterrorism Course America 2005

d – Special Operations Session America 2006

e – National Defense Course Iraq 2007

5. Conferences




TO COMBAT TERRORISM AMERICA 2006 6. CUTTINGS A. Acknowledgment and appreciation of the President of the Republic 2008

B. Acknowledgment and appreciation of the President of the Republic 2008

C. Excellent Prime Minister 2011

D. Excellent Prime Minister 2016

H- Prime Minister

The Minister of Defense’s appreciation and appreciation


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