Trump imposes sanctions on Khamenei


 2019/06/24 11:10:30

US President Donald Trump on Monday signed tough sanctions against Iran aimed at Iranian leader Ali Khamenei.

The sanctions came after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards dropped an American aircraft over the Strait of Hormuz a few days ago.

Trump said when he signed the executive order that the severe sanctions targeted Iranian leader Ali Khamenei, and that his country wants to stop Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism.

Trump explained that the new package of sanctions would have been imposed on Iran regardless of the downing of the US aircraft.

He stressed that the United States would not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, but at the same time said that his country is not seeking war.


The signing of a border agreement between Iraq and Kuwait


Local | 10:38 – 24/06/2019

Baghdad Mawazine News

Iraq and Kuwait signed a border agreement between the two countries. 
The fifth periodic meeting was held between the Border Guard Command of the 4th Region and the General Directorate of Border Security of the State of Kuwait on the date and direction of the Iraqi side, Major General Salam Jawad Kazem, Commander of the Fourth Border Guards. The Kuwaiti side was headed by Major General Faisal Hamad Al-Issa, Director-General of the General Directorate of Border Security. 
The meeting dealt with all aspects of preserving the border between the two sides. After the meeting, they expressed their happiness in the meeting, cooperation and good-neighborliness. 
The two sides signed a memorandum of agreement between the two countries and achieved good successes in controlling the border and exchanging information between the two countries and addressing the obstacles and problems that stand in the way of serving the two countries and their readiness to preserve the border strip.

Iraqi parliament ends the crisis of completing the government .. “Education” is still stuck

Ending the file in support of the government of Abdul Mahdi (Getty)

Baghdad Aktham Saif Eddin

Reports – Arabic

24 June 2019

BAGHDAD ( Reuters ) – Iraq’s parliament ended on Monday one of the most significant political crises after the midterm election last year, completing Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s cabinet reshuffle more than eight months after he was given the confidence of the Iraqi government’s sixth president since the US-led invasion of Iraq last year. 2003.

In a public session, the parliament voted on three of the candidates of the vacant ministries in the government of Abdul Mahdi, the defense, interior and justice, while rejected the candidate of the Ministry of Education after failing to obtain enough votes from the parliamentary blocs.

The parliamentary session preceded deliberations and discussions between the leaders of the political blocs, which finally reached a consensus on the candidates, in a move that attaches great importance to its support to the government of Abdul Mahdi, weakened by the delay in naming ministers for those bags.

The parliament gave confidence to Yassin Taha al-Yasiri as interior minister, Najah al-Shammari as defense minister and Farouk Amin Shwani as minister of justice.

During the same session, the legal issue concerning the portfolio of the Ministry of Education, which was assigned to Shema al-Hayali at the end of last December, was resolved before it was challenged again by the parliament a few days later because of the discovery of the affiliation of one of its brothers to the Daash organization. Led the Prime Minister to disrupt the performance of the constitutional oath, where the parliament voted in Monday’s session on the dismissal, before the opening of the vote on the candidate Safana Hamdani, without succeeding in the number of votes because of differences between the Sunni forces in parliament on it, On the portfolio of the Ministry of Education Until next Thursday, in the hope that the prime minister will present a new name to parliament.,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhgYUJgNQ-EuTn8wo82g59u-yTobOg

Who is the new defense minister?

Editorial date: 2019/6/24 14:32

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives, in its usual session today, Monday, to give confidence to the new Minister of Defense Najah al-Shammari.

The Shammari is:

Name: Special Forces Major General Hassan Ali ‘s success Shamari

nascent: Baghdad ‘s Adhamiya / 1967 {52}

Religion: Muslim

First Military College graduate course (71) 1987 class special forces


A promotion to the rank of brigadier 2004 (

b ) Promotion To the rank of brigade in the salary 2012

c – Retirement referral 2018 at the request of

2. Positions a

command of the Special Operations Brigade 2003-2004

B – Commander of the special operations squad 2004-2007

C – Deputy commander of counterterrorism forces 2007-2009

d – Senior teacher College National Defense 2009-2011

– Director of the Joint Coordination Center for the disputed areas 2011-2012

– Secretary of follow-up to the Ministry of Defense.

3. Certificates

B.Sc. Military Sciences, Iraq, 1987

B – Master in strategic planning for national security Iraq 2007

4. Courses

A session of counter-terrorism Jordan 2004

B – the course of the Supreme Staff America 2005

C – Counterterrorism Course America 2005

d – Special Operations Session America 2006

e – National Defense Course Iraq 2007

5. Conferences




TO COMBAT TERRORISM AMERICA 2006 6. CUTTINGS A. Acknowledgment and appreciation of the President of the Republic 2008

B. Acknowledgment and appreciation of the President of the Republic 2008

C. Excellent Prime Minister 2011

D. Excellent Prime Minister 2016

H- Prime Minister

The Minister of Defense’s appreciation and appreciation

Parliament votes on the candidates of the interior, defense and justice and rejects education (expanded)

Editor’s note: 2019/6/24 13:37

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The House voted on three candidates for the Ministries of Interior, Defense and Justice and rejected the candidate for the Ministry of Education in the Cabinet Cab.

The House voted to give confidence to the success of Hassan Ali al-Shammari as defense minister, Yassin al-Yasiri as interior minister and Farouk Amin al-Shwani as minister of justice.

The House of Representatives also voted to exempt Shaima Al-Hayali as a candidate for the Ministry of Education and voted not to give his trust to the candidate Safana Hussain Al-Hamdani, Minister of Education.

The three ministers were sworn in