Hakim leaves the presidency of the reform alliance


 2019/06/23 14:06:52

Ammar al-Hakim left the presidency of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, after the stream of wisdom, which leads to the opposition. 
“After the decision of the National Wisdom Movement to go to the constructive national political opposition and to practice this role in word and deed, we appreciate the great trust that our brothers in the leadership of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction have given us and have given us the presidency over the past period,” Hakim said in a tweet on his Twitter account. We owe the secretariat and assume responsibility in the best way, so we ask the leadership body to choose an alternative president of the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction in accordance with the mechanisms of its internal system. 
The reform alliance includes Sason, Hakim al-Hakamah, Nasr’s coalition, and Sunni streams.



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