Political analyst: Opposition wisdom is the first in the Republican era and an important step for Iraq

Release date: 2019/6/18 13:55

The writer and political analyst, Hamza Mustafa, the decision of the National Wisdom Movement, to adopt the option of political opposition as “an important step for Iraq.”

“It was the first establishment of the opposition even before 2003, except for the monarchy, but in the era of the republic it is different,” Mustafa told AFP.

“After 2003 we saw in Iraq the building of democracy was incomplete, the majority of the political ruling and the minority that opposes.”

He pointed out that “the decision of wisdom in this measure has become the first entity or a parliamentary bloc is important to move to the opposition in order to achieve this goal, which is to everyone.”

“There are obstacles that will confront the stream of wisdom in this regard, which is normal because we in Iraq did not attach importance to the idea of the opposition, which is not true if we want to build a real democracy, which must be transformed into institutions crystallized by the idea of the majority of political and not ethnic or sectarian and minority that Oppose and form a shadow government to carry out the work of the government. ”



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