Al-Sadr alliance comment on the signing of Iraqi leaders to document the completion of the government and its time .. And the issuance of the first criticism





Iraqi leaders

complete the government


2019/06/18 06:46:11

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“Al-Sadr” bloc, backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday to reject the deadline set by political leaders in the presidency to complete the federal government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, confirming commitment to the deadline of Sadr in this regard.

Sadr had called on political blocs to pressure the prime minister to form a full government within 10 days, warning that his supporters will take a new position unless they do so.

Sadr’s “Sadoun” bloc came first in the May 2018 general election.

“There is no doubt that the completion of the ministerial cabin takes much of our attention and the interest of our loyal people, who are waiting for concrete services to alleviate the suffering they have suffered for decades,” the spokesman of the parliamentary bloc of parliament, MP Hamdallah Rikabi, said in a statement today. Partners to overcome the obstacles, and end this file to serve Iraq and its people. ”

He added that “the parliamentary bloc of the alliance” Sawson “declares its commitment and adoption of what was stated in Sadr’s statement on the completion of the cabinet cabins and parliamentary committees in hope of the rest of the political blocs to deal positively with his call for exclusive and aimed at the interest of Iraq first and last.

Political leaders held a meeting at the headquarters of the Iraqi Republic attended by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and agreed to complete the government within a maximum of two weeks.

For his part, said the leader of the coalition, “national decision” Ethel Nujaifi document (the national framework for a unified Iraqi policy) “a nice speech construction lost the Iraqi government the possibilities of its application.”

According to a statement to the Presidency of the Republic, the participants discussed the speech of the Supreme Reference on June 14, and internal and regional developments, and it was stressed that:

Giving the file of services priority in the performance of government and in support of the political forces and alleviate the suffering of the people, and that the file of electricity is an exceptional effort in attention and performance and monitoring implementation.

2. Emphasize the importance of hard, honest and transparent action by the state authorities and the political, community and media forces to confront and stop rampant corruption and emphasize the principle of the rule of law to build a harmonious state free of the scourge of corruption, which, along with terrorism and violence, bears the responsibilities of many shortcomings in various facilities and fields. It was also stressed the need for cooperation of all, from the institutions of state and political forces, to facilitate measures to address corruption and accountability spoilers, and agreed that the meeting will not be the cover of any corrupt whatever its location.

3. The participants stressed the support of the executive and legislative authorities to review laws that could cause social differences or give unfair privileges.

4. Agreement on the need to “complete” the ministerial cabin, with a maximum period of two weeks from now, in order to enhance confidence in the ability of the political forces of the parliament to overcome differences and avoid these bottlenecks in such circumstances.

5. The political forces are committed to the exclusion of the state from party quotas and to be chosen on the basis of competence, professionalism, integrity and career progression, in order to ensure national balance.

6 – Support security and intelligence efforts to eradicate terrorism, and support the security of the citizen from any infringement or infringement of the rights of any party.

7. The meeting emphasized the commitment to the Ministerial Platform, the Government Program and the National Policy Framework document agreed upon at the first meeting, It also stressed the support of the government and constitutional institutions in the implementation of its provisions and adherence to its concepts, so as not to engage Iraq in the midst of regional conflicts.

The statement added that in such sensitive circumstances, the participants stressed the importance of taking into account the specificity of the national situation and the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis. Otherwise, any party that deliberately deviates from the principles of a unified national action is outside the national consensus and the authority of the state and its constitutional institutions. Interests of the people.

In this context, the participants agreed to support the political forces of the Government and the authorities that will continue to abide by these national policies in order to enforce the law and to confront any departure from it.


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