Council of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement between Iraq and the United States held its second meeting in Washington

The meeting was held in Washington, DC on June 14, 2019, the second meeting of the meeting of the Council of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement between Iraq and the United States, which is a result of the framework of trade and investment signed between the two countries in 2005.

The council was headed by Iraqi Trade Minister Mohammed Hashem al-Ani and US Deputy Trade Representative Jeffrey Kirsch

A statement on the meeting said Iraq and the United States had discussed a number of bilateral issues related to trade and investment.

He pointed out that the cooperation between Iraq and the United States in these areas aims to “enhance Iraq’s entry into the global economy and find ways to enhance greater opportunities for mutual communication between the two countries’ markets and thus create jobs and attract investment to both countries.”

The statement said that the United States expressed its “support for the decision of Iraq to re-enter the process of accession to the World Trade Organization and ensure the local reforms required to meet the obligations of the Organization as well as the liberalization of customs tariffs and trade in services. The United States also expressed its support for Iraq’s decision to accept tax returns prepared in accordance with international financial standards. “

“In order to attract foreign direct investment in priority areas, Iraq recognized the need for a strong and appropriate investment environment with transparent systems.”

Iraq also confirmed to the United States that it would issue 12-month visas to US citizens as well as the National Investment Authority to facilitate visits by US investors by granting them six-month visas issued by a special visa office at the airport.

He continued in the meantime, the Commission is working on the implementation of a single window system to facilitate and facilitate the procedures as well as work with the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank to improve the performance of Iraqi banks and strengthen their role in support of small and medium enterprises

The Iraqi government is also working through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to implement a one-stop shop for business registration that will reduce the challenges faced by investors

To improve mutual and bilateral market access, the United States has raised the issue of reducing unnecessary documentation requirements and adopting international standards

The United States also encouraged Iraq to reduce its tariffs on poultry.

Iraq and the United States also discussed the importation of rice and wheat and transparent bidding procedures for cereals in Iraq under two memorandums of understanding.

In order to increase the procurement of medicines, medical equipment and equipment, Iraq and the United States are cooperating to conclude a memorandum of understanding.

The statement underscored the commitment of the Governments of Iraq and the United States to make progress ahead of the next meeting of the Council.,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259


Decisions of the Council of Ministers for today’s session, including the allocation of funds for the purchase of energy and gas


The Cabinet held its regular session Tuesday under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, and discussed many issues, including the issue of agencies, rules and criteria for appointment by originality, and decided to hold a special special session for this subject.

“The Council issued a number of resolutions, which approved the recommendations of the Ministerial Council on Energy on the allocation of funds for the purchase of energy and gas, and the amendment of the Council of Ministers (352 to 2017). 

“The Council of Ministers approved the formation of a committee headed by the Minister of Planning and the membership of Ministers of Construction, Housing, Industry and Minerals, Governor of Kirkuk, Head of the Office of Financial Supervision and Chairman of the Supreme Coordinating Committee for the provinces. The Committee will address the issue of the Kirkuk Provincial Council for the purpose of approving the investment plan for the province for the year 2019, “He said. 

“The Council decided to introduce the Institute of Health Professions and Midwifery in the Shatrah district, and the Council of Ministers approved the increase of the monthly allowance allocated to the holy Abbasid threshold.”

The Council approved the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Nairobi International Convention for the Removal of Wastes in 2007.



Abdul-Mahdi comment on the opposition and reveals who authorized him to resolve the positions of the proxy {expanded}

Editorial date: 2019/6/18 21:26

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi commented on the option of political opposition after the adoption of the national wisdom stream.

“The political opposition is healthy, as long as it is committed to national principles,” Abdul Mahdi said at a weekly press conference. “There is a state of political maturity that calls for optimism,” he said, pointing out that “the religious authority was accurate in expressing the suffering of the Iraqi people.”

He added that “the ministerial platform has been completed and we will send a quarterly report to the House of Representatives,” noting that “the ministerial platform is held between the government and the people, we are careful to accomplish it accurately and it is the measure by which to assess the performance of the government.”

Abdul Mahdi, “while reducing positions in the agencies through the stabilization or reduction of increases,” denying “the existence of consensus in the resolution of management by proxy.”

He revealed that “large blocks authorized the prime minister to resolve the portfolio of positions by proxy,” stressing that ”

He pointed to “a special committee to deal with the convening of the Council of Kirkuk and the approval of the investment plan.”

“We have made significant progress in the field of electricity production and will add 1,000 megawatts to the national grid before the end of June,” Abdul Mahdi said.

He explained that “we met conservatives concluded to provide better services and the provision of electricity according to a timetable,” stressing that “many excesses on the energy network contribute to the loss of electricity.”

“He continued to develop international relations on the basis of interests and activating the participants and Iraq today represents a package of investment opportunities large and will not allow actions that undermine the security of the country and we will pursue the perpetrators.

He noted that “relations between Baghdad and Kuwait at their best and cooperation is continuing to resolve outstanding issues.”

“Corruption is no less serious than anti-terrorism and we need to provide sufficient evidence to establish any suspicion of corruption,” he said.

He pointed out that “all that is raised about corruption without evidence is useless, and the unification of customs and customs and the abolition of zero control of anti-corruption models,” and called on “the media and political leaders to provide evidence of any semi-corruption raised.”

“We will apply the legal procedures against the governor of Kirkuk (Najmuddin Karim) required to eliminate.”

He stressed that “the spread of slums contributed to the aggravation of service problems,” noting that “supporting agriculture will restore the balance of population in cities and provinces.”

Abdul-Mahdi: the visit of the Emir of Kuwait to Baghdad, “a mission for the whole region”

KUWAIT: Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Muhadi called on Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to return to Baghdad on Wednesday, not only for the two countries but also for the region as a whole .

Addressing a news conference in Baghdad, Abdulmahdi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations are currently at their best and has witnessed several visits between senior officials in the two countries, which will culminate tomorrow with the visit of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah .

The Prime Minister stressed that the visit of the Emir of Kuwait to Baghdad in these circumstances is a “significant indicator” of the growing relations between the two countries .

He revealed that the visit would see joint meetings described as “very rich”, especially that the delegation accompanying the Emir of Kuwait includes a large number of senior Kuwaiti officials .

He stressed that the two sides will strengthen what was spent between the two governments in the last stage and work to resolve the remaining issues stuck one by one .

During the visit, the Emir of Kuwait will meet with Iraqi President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Speaker Mohammad Halbousi to discuss several bilateral issues .,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhjM3nqHXyL5J__PlGCZaLu2684AfA

Table of types of loans of Rafidain Bank and the duration of repayment


Economy News _ Baghdad

Rafidain Bank on Tuesday issued a schedule specifying the categories covered by loans and the duration of repayment.
The bank provides 19 loans and advances for various categories, including loans for small projects, 3 years’ repayment, loans for judges with repayment periods of 15 years, loans for cars of private companies with a period of repayment of 5 years, and advances of retirees with a repayment period of 40 months, in addition to housing loans citizens 50 million for an area not less About 200 m and the repayment period of 10 years.

The following is a table of loans and advances and repayment period:

Al-Sadr alliance comment on the signing of Iraqi leaders to document the completion of the government and its time .. And the issuance of the first criticism





Iraqi leaders

complete the government


2019/06/18 06:46:11

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“Al-Sadr” bloc, backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday to reject the deadline set by political leaders in the presidency to complete the federal government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, confirming commitment to the deadline of Sadr in this regard.

Sadr had called on political blocs to pressure the prime minister to form a full government within 10 days, warning that his supporters will take a new position unless they do so.

Sadr’s “Sadoun” bloc came first in the May 2018 general election.

“There is no doubt that the completion of the ministerial cabin takes much of our attention and the interest of our loyal people, who are waiting for concrete services to alleviate the suffering they have suffered for decades,” the spokesman of the parliamentary bloc of parliament, MP Hamdallah Rikabi, said in a statement today. Partners to overcome the obstacles, and end this file to serve Iraq and its people. ”

He added that “the parliamentary bloc of the alliance” Sawson “declares its commitment and adoption of what was stated in Sadr’s statement on the completion of the cabinet cabins and parliamentary committees in hope of the rest of the political blocs to deal positively with his call for exclusive and aimed at the interest of Iraq first and last.

Political leaders held a meeting at the headquarters of the Iraqi Republic attended by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and agreed to complete the government within a maximum of two weeks.

For his part, said the leader of the coalition, “national decision” Ethel Nujaifi document (the national framework for a unified Iraqi policy) “a nice speech construction lost the Iraqi government the possibilities of its application.”

According to a statement to the Presidency of the Republic, the participants discussed the speech of the Supreme Reference on June 14, and internal and regional developments, and it was stressed that:

Giving the file of services priority in the performance of government and in support of the political forces and alleviate the suffering of the people, and that the file of electricity is an exceptional effort in attention and performance and monitoring implementation.

2. Emphasize the importance of hard, honest and transparent action by the state authorities and the political, community and media forces to confront and stop rampant corruption and emphasize the principle of the rule of law to build a harmonious state free of the scourge of corruption, which, along with terrorism and violence, bears the responsibilities of many shortcomings in various facilities and fields. It was also stressed the need for cooperation of all, from the institutions of state and political forces, to facilitate measures to address corruption and accountability spoilers, and agreed that the meeting will not be the cover of any corrupt whatever its location.

3. The participants stressed the support of the executive and legislative authorities to review laws that could cause social differences or give unfair privileges.

4. Agreement on the need to “complete” the ministerial cabin, with a maximum period of two weeks from now, in order to enhance confidence in the ability of the political forces of the parliament to overcome differences and avoid these bottlenecks in such circumstances.

5. The political forces are committed to the exclusion of the state from party quotas and to be chosen on the basis of competence, professionalism, integrity and career progression, in order to ensure national balance.

6 – Support security and intelligence efforts to eradicate terrorism, and support the security of the citizen from any infringement or infringement of the rights of any party.

7. The meeting emphasized the commitment to the Ministerial Platform, the Government Program and the National Policy Framework document agreed upon at the first meeting, It also stressed the support of the government and constitutional institutions in the implementation of its provisions and adherence to its concepts, so as not to engage Iraq in the midst of regional conflicts.

The statement added that in such sensitive circumstances, the participants stressed the importance of taking into account the specificity of the national situation and the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis. Otherwise, any party that deliberately deviates from the principles of a unified national action is outside the national consensus and the authority of the state and its constitutional institutions. Interests of the people.

In this context, the participants agreed to support the political forces of the Government and the authorities that will continue to abide by these national policies in order to enforce the law and to confront any departure from it.