Deputy for wisdom: do not want to overthrow the government and the coming days will witness a strong opposition bloc

Editorial date:: 2019/6/17 16:19

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The MP for the wisdom stream Ali al-Badiri, that the next few days will see the emergence of the initial features of a form of parliamentary bloc strong and cohesive to be the largest bloc and most influential in the evaluation of the political process.

“We are going to the political opposition is an important step necessary to correct the political process and democracy in the new Iraq, and will be an incentive for the reluctant parties to resolve their position to proceed with us in the way of corrective and corrective action of the executive authority,” al-Badairi said in a statement.

“One of the main reasons for the reluctance of previous governments is the lack of genuine opposition, and everyone criticized it. Today’s wise step is the real beginning of clear democratic action.”

“We do not want to overthrow the government, we do not target ourselves, we are not opposition from outside the border, but we are part of the political process and we seek to represent the people in a real way by defending their concerns and demands,” he said, stressing that ”

He pointed out that “the next stage will witness accountability for all corrupt and those who failed their work and we will put a program to evaluate all ministers and interrogate the defaulters and Almtakin them away from the auctions and slogans that did not achieve anything but increase the level of poverty and unemployment, corruption and lack of services.”

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