The Islamic Bank of Iraq adopts the IMAL system


Economy News Baghdad:

The Islamic Bank of Iraq’s Islamic Investment and Finance Bank, known as the Bank of Iraq’s Secretary of State, signed with Bath Solutions on the core Islamic banking platform of the IMAL system, which it selected from a range of systems to manage its digital banking operations in Iraq. Meet market requirements and provide a global banking experience for its clients.

Mr. Kamal Suhail Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Iraq, said: “We selected the IMAL system for being able to help us comply with Islamic law, to adapt easily to the dynamic and complex Iraqi banking sector and to meet the financial needs of our clients in a safe manner. We are confident that this system will enable us to respond to regulatory and emerging compliance requirements in this sector with unparalleled speed. “

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Bath Solutions Mohammed Al Khatib said, “The Bank of Iraq is seeking to be a leader in this sector thanks to its regional development and future perspective. Is characterized by high scalability, stability, flexibility and low risk.

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