Minister of Finance: Baghdad continues to pay the salaries of Kurdistan


Minister of Finance Fouad Hussein, assured the Kurdistan region that Baghdad will continue to send their salaries, while stressing that the ministry is working to stabilize the share of the province of the budget for the next year from now.

“The level of relations of the region with Baghdad is good and we must conduct more dialogue and understanding between the two sides in order to address the remaining problems and intractable, such as the oil and budget and Kurdish areas, as the efforts are continuing to treat them,” Hussein said in a statement.

Hussein confirmed that “the budget of Kurdistan this year will remain as it is and we are working to stabilize that in the budget next year and sent by Baghdad in the same format of the current budget, and we have conducted a number of meetings for this purpose.”

He continued: “We hope to improve relations more and mutual understanding and dialogue to resolve and address the outstanding issues, and will resume talks after the formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government directly.”

The Kurdistan government refuses even to abide by the budget law of 2019, which provides for the delivery of Baghdad 250 thousand barrels of oil Kurdistan daily for export through the national marketing company, “Sumer” in exchange for payment of salaries of employees and allocate more than 17% of the budget value of the region.,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhjs4Fi1HrYSnlbqUiVG56FifK4RhQ


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