Is Abadi looking to return to prime minister’s post?


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Adnan Abu Zeed June 13, 2019

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Former Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi has resigned from the Islamic Dawa Party, raising questions about his possible return to the premiership.

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced May 31 his resignation from all his positions in the Islamic Dawa Party, whose politburo he headed. His move raised questions about his potential plans to return to the prime minister’s post.

Abadi also met with Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad on June 11; the former prime minister discussed the bilateral relationship between the two countries and also expressed his support for Iran against the sanctions imposed by the United States. The meeting, which was the first of its kind since his departure as prime minister, was read as an attempt to improve his relationship with Iran, which has a big influence in Iraqi politics. 

Abadi also met with the new-appointed US ambassador, Matthew Tueller in Jun. 13. They discussed the overall political situation in Iraq and the region. 

Abadi’s political career began in and developed through Dawa. The party was formed in 1957, and it monopolized the prime minister’s post from 2005 until 2018, when Abadi stepped down in favor of independent political candidate Adel Abdul Mahdi, who was the consensus choice of the two largest parliamentary blocs. These two blocs are Al-Islah, which includes the Abadi-led Victory Alliance and the Sairoon Alliance led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Construction Bloc led by Hadi al-Amiri, which includes political wings from the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) and factions that are strongly tied to Iran.

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Washington expressed its satisfaction with the improvement of relations between Baghdad and Erbil

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

US Ambassador to Baghdad Matthew Tueller, during his meeting with the President of the Kurdistan region, Nigervan Barzani, on Saturday (June 15, 2019) expressed his satisfaction with the improvement of relations between Baghdad and Erbil.

“The President of the Kurdistan Region, discussed with the new US ambassador to Iraq, several issues, including improved relations between Erbil and Baghdad, and US assistance to the region,” noting that “Barzani met with Toler, and a delegation accompanying him.”

The statement added: “During the meeting, which was attended by Steve Vagan, the US Consul General in the Kurdistan region, Toler presented his congratulations to Barzani on the occasion of assuming the post of President of the Kurdistan region.”

The ambassador stressed “US support for the Kurdistan region and Iraq,” and “highly valued the region’s relations with the United States, and expressed satisfaction with the steps to improve the relations of Erbil – Baghdad in order to solve the problems, and progress in the Kurdistan region.”

For his part, congratulated the President of the Kurdistan region, Toller on “take the duties of Ambassador of America to Iraq and hope for him to succeed in his duties, and expressed readiness of the Kurdistan region to help the success of its work.”

He also thanked Nechirvan Barzani, “US aid to the Kurdistan region in difficult times and in the convergence between Erbil and Baghdad,” and pointed to “continuing steps to improve the relations of Erbil-Baghdad.”

“Barzani,” the importance of assistance to the countries of the international coalition, especially America, in the field of reform in the Kurdistan region and Iraq in general. ”

Iraq decides to grant visas to US investors directly


11:42 – 15/06/2019

BAGHDAD – Iraq has decided to grant visas to American investors directly through a special office at Baghdad International Airport to facilitate visits by the National Investment Commission to US investors
, the US Trade Representative Office said on Saturday . “The second session of the US-Iraq Trade and Investment Board was held in Washington, DC, which was established under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement signed between the two countries in 2005, headed by the Iraqi Minister of Trade, Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani,” the US Trade Representative’s Office said in a statement. And US Deputy Trade Representative Jeffrey Grich. ” During the meeting, Iraq and the United States discussed a range of bilateral trade and investment issues and further integration of Iraq

In the global economy and look for ways to promote greater mutual market access, thereby creating jobs and attracting investment to both countries. ” 
The United States expressed its support for Iraq’s decision to “re-join the World Trade Organization and carry out local reforms necessary to comply with WTO commitments and tariff liberalization and trade in services. The United States also expressed its support for Iraq’s decision to accept tax declarations prepared in accordance with international financial standards. ” 
” Iraq has assured the United States that it will issue 12-month visas to US citizens and facilitate visits by the National Investment Commission to US investors by granting multiple visas for six months through a special visa office located at the airport,” the statement said.
“To improve access to bilateral and reciprocal markets, the United States raised the issue of reducing unnecessary documentation requirements and using international standards. The United States also encouraged Iraq to reduce the tariff of poultry, while Iraq and the United States also discussed imports of rice and wheat and transparency of the process of grain tenders in Iraq under two memorandums of understanding, and Iraq has partnered with the United States in a memorandum of understanding to increase purchases of medicines and medical equipment and equipment. Ending / 25 z

العراق يقرر منح تأشيرات دخول للمستثمرين الأميركان بشكل مباشر



Mohammed al-Halbusi elected president of a new Sunni political alliance


 2019/06/15 14:47:54

The coalition of Iraqi forces held a meeting Saturday evening in Baghdad, including dozens of members of the House of Representatives for the Sunni component.

A source familiar with the twilight news, that the President of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halabousi during the meeting as the head of the coalition.

The source added that the meeting, which included more than 40 deputies in the coalition of forces elected MP Falah Zaidan, head of the parliamentary bloc of the coalition in the parliament.

The alliance of Iraqi forces is a dissident from the alliance “National Axis”, which includes the Sunni blocs and headed by the Secretary-General of the Arab project in Iraq Khamis Khanjar.

Abdul-Mahdi at stake .. Suron calls for his hosting in Parliament


15-06-2019 10:38 PM
On Saturday, Masson asked for the addition of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi in parliament.

The bloc said in a statement that this ‘orientation comes not to provide something tangible within 6 months’, indicating that ‘hosting comes because of the apparent failure in the performance of the government and this is contrary to promises’, stressing the need ‘to file files of corruption and 40 corrupt immediately’

  “We reject the government based on political quotas, and we will have a clear opinion if we do not believe the answers provided.”,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhgEgtvqIz-W5R2sseVrvyi8sBzvSQ


Fruitful exchange today with new US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller — We agreed to have technical talks once the new KRG Cabinet takes office on measures necessary to promote more American investment and business-to-business ties — good for Kurdistan Region and Iraq.


The US ambassador in his first meeting with Barzani, telling him about the relations between Arbil and Baghdad

2019/06/15 10:55:25

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani met on Saturday in Salahaddin, Maceo Toler, the new US ambassador to Iraq.

“During the meeting, which was attended by US Consul General Steve Vickin in Erbil, President Barzani congratulated the new US ambassador in Iraq on the occasion of assuming his new duties, and wished him success,” the statement said.

The statement added that “the American ambassador expressed appreciation for the role of President Barzani in stabilizing and resolving problems and strengthening bilateral relations between Kurdistan and America, as well as the high efforts of sovereignty in the field of improving relations between Erbil and Baghdad, declaring that his country considers the improvement of relations between Erbil and Baghdad, The two sides and the stability of Iraq and the region. ”

In the same meeting, they discussed the progress of the political process in the region and the political situation and the latest developments and changes in the region, according to the statement.

In another part of the meeting were the threats of extremist thought and terrorists, and called for ways to address the radical and ways to uproot it, as in the statement.

Barzani also received Martin Gerker, deputy minister of development and economic cooperation of Germany and his accompanying delegation.

Barzani expressed his thanks to the German government and people for the assistance and support provided to the forces of Peshmerga Kurdistan during the war against the supporter of the terrorist, describing this support as the actor and influential influential to change the field balance in the war against Dahesh.

For his part, Deputy German Minister expressed his country’s satisfaction with the improvement of relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.

In other axes in the meeting were discussed the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Germany, and the situation and political changes in the region.

Parliament ends reading seven laws and directs a formal letter to the Prime Minister in this regard {expanded}


History of edits:: 2019/6/15 16:38 
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives in its 24th session held under the chairmanship of Mohammed Al Halbusi, President of the Council, on Saturday, in the presence of 186 deputies, read seven draft laws and discussed a report on the treatment of housing crisis.
According to the statement of the Information Service of the Council, received {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that “at the outset of the meeting, followed by the Committee to monitor the implementation of the government program and strategic planning report on the treatment of the housing crisis, which referred to the convening of intensive meetings and extensive discussions and address a number of relevant ministries and bodies In terms of providing the Committee with data and information on the housing crisis and the identification of slums and their preparation and areas of existence.
The Committee pointed out in its report that the rate of population growth amounted to 2.8% per year and the rate of 120_150 thousand units annually, pointing to the need for Iraq to 2.5 million housing units to the end of 2016 as a result of population growth without other exceptional circumstances, The number of informal settlements reached (3687) population and the number of random housing (521947) dwelling and 16.5% of the total number of housing in Iraq, and the population in these slums (3292606) people until 2017, Ranked first in terms of random groupings which amounted to (1022) gathering and by 27.7%.
In its report, the Committee presented its findings, including that the completion of the national policy approved in 2010 did not exceed only (5%) with the absence of coordination between the state institutions and sectors concerned and the problem of land facing the housing sector and the lack of a database of land directory units In addition to the lack of available land for housing in urban areas and the existence of excesses on land subject to the Commission for Property Disputes and has not been resolved.
The Committee presented in its report recommendations, most notably the need to create a sectoral executive executive to manage the solution of the problem of housing and has the authority to transfer the ownership of land owned by any of the state institutions for the purposes of housing complexes and give priority to the package of legislation on resolving the crisis and accelerate the completion of the General Census of Population and Surveys And the completion of databases and land directory, as well as monitoring the financial allocations required to complete the infrastructure of the areas to be invested and find permanent sources of funding and the issuance of legislation necessary for developers, and the allocation of {500 billion} dinars to the Housing Fund within the budget 2020. 
The recommendations also included the importance of the Council of Ministers reviewing Resolution No. 70 of 2019 and discussing ways to implement it and the need for the government to adopt the method of equipping citizens with construction materials at subsidized prices and obliging the government to activate the laws of the institutions of martyrs, prisoners and victims of terrorist operations by distributing plots of land, in addition to considering the formation of the quality of the courts to recover the loan deal with booking and re – acquisition and resale of collateral issues or rely on government debt collection law and explicitly reference to him in the terms of the contract. in 
turn the President of the House of Representatives to follow up the implementation of the Alpes And the holding of joint meetings between the Committee and the multidisciplinary committees.
The deputies’ interventions focused on the importance of encouraging the government to live vertically and not bypassing the green belt of cities and the establishment of a new mechanism for all citizens to obtain housing land, support building materials and encourage investment in this area. 
The interventions during the session, which was presided over by Vice President Bashir Haddad, focused on the importance of dealing with slums and providing decent housing for every citizen. The Ministry of Municipalities should also contract with foreign companies to build apartments in cooperation with the private sector. Or amend the law of property law, and the proposal to move towards the Housing Fund for the ease of implementation of legal procedures by citizens in addition to obligating oil licensing companies to contribute to the establishment of complexes.
The representative of the government in the House of Representatives Turhan Mufti that the solution of housing issue is a core issue within the framework of the government, calling on the House of Representatives to accelerate the vote on the draft law to address abuses transmitted by the government, noting that the government is working on the establishment of the city of Sayab in Basra province by providing Thousands of residential plots serviced in the experiment will be circulated to other provinces. 
For his part, Bashir Haddad stressed the need to follow up the issue of housing crisis by the parliamentary committees concerned until finding solutions to the rights of citizens to live decent, noting the presentation of the draft slums on the agenda of future meetings, calling on the government to activate the program of national housing policy. 
In its response to the interventions, the committee stressed the importance of taking advantage of international expertise in resolving the crisis.
In another matter, Halabousi pointed out that the House of Representatives waiting for the government to send the names of candidates to fill the remaining positions in the government cab before the end of the legislative term. 
The Council concluded the first reading of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes, Helsinki 1992, submitted by the External Relations Committees, Agriculture, Water, Marshlands, Health and Environment, which aims to strengthen international cooperation to prevent, reduce and control the pollution of transboundary waters. 
The Council completed the first reading of the bill of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ballast Water and Sediments in Ships of 200, submitted by the Committees of Foreign Relations, Health and Environment to enhance cooperation in the field of control and management of water ballast and sediments in ships and prevent the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens.
Council ‘s first reading and completed the project accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention on Rescue Act of 1989 and submitted by the committees of foreign affairs , health and environmental relations in order to promote maritime industries and environmental protection in Iraq. 
Completed the Council the first reading of the first draft amendment to the Law of the Ministry of Education No. {22} Law For the year 2011 and submitted by the committees of education and finance for the purpose of supporting the approved educational institutions and exemption from customs duties to secure their needs of educational supplies. 
The session ended with the first reading of a bill to draw the character of the national campaign to build schools and kindergartens provided by the Education Committee, which aims to provide the necessary funds for the construction of schools and kindergartens.
The Council also completed the first reading of the draft law on the first amendment of the law of agricultural quarantine No. (76) for 2012 submitted by the committees of agriculture, water, marshes, health and environment for the purpose of exempting small quantities of agricultural missionaries and seed samples of quality and high production of import license and the inclusion of staff supporting the examination fees. 
The Council completed the first reading of the draft law of the Industrialization and Defense Commission, submitted by the Security and Defense Committee, which aims at achieving national security and benefiting from national expertise and securing the military action of the national security ministries. 
On the other hand, the Council discussed the wording of a resolution to terminate the work of the Council of Commissioners of the Information and Communication Authority, submitted by the Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism and Antiquities.
The Committee stated in its report that the Information and Communications Authority is still administered in accordance with the law of the Coalition Provisional Authority with the passage of time on the appointment of members of the plenipotentiaries of the Board of Trustees in the Information and Communications Authority, pointing to the need to end their work in accordance with the powers of the House of Representatives in his keenness to close the file management of the joints of the state proxy. 
The deputies’ interventions included urging the abolition of the agency’s work for all independent and governmental bodies, legislating the laws related to the communications and informatics sectors, opening the candidature for new members in accordance with competence and competence, ensuring fair representation of the components in independent bodies, and calling for a high level of transparency in the work of the Commission Communications for what it receives from imports and annual profits and to confirm the termination of the work of the members of the Board of Trustees and even dismiss them for the existence of legal irregularities by them.
Halabousi issued an official letter addressed to the Prime Minister containing the removal of the legal violations of the members of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network and the Media and Communications Commission, and that the violator should bear the legal consequences. He called on the concerned committee to unify the parliamentary decision on the Iraqi media network and the media and communications authority. 
He also instructed the President of the Council to open representative offices of the Information and Communication Authority and the Integrity Commission and the Bureau of Financial Supervision and the Central Bank of Iraq in the House of Representatives. 
President Halabousi announced the inclusion of the vote on the completion of the file of vacant ministries and the termination of the Agency and special grades within the first and second paragraphs of the agenda of the meetings until the end of the current legislative term. 
Then it was decided to adjourn the meeting until Saturday, 22/6/2019

The House of Representatives raises its meeting to next Saturday


BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press: 

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided on Saturday to adjourn the meeting of the Council to Saturday. 

The correspondent “Al-Ghad Press”, “The House of Representatives decided to raise its meeting to Saturday 22-6 at 11 am.”

He added that “the agenda of the upcoming meetings will include voting on the completion of the ministerial cabin and the termination of the Agency and special grades until the end of the legislative term.”