New US sanctions on Iran on an Iraq-based company and two people

2019/06/12 09:20:33

Twilight News / The US Treasury announced the imposition of new sanctions related to Iran, two people and a company based in Iraq.

According to a notice posted on the US Treasury website on Wednesday that the United States imposed new sanctions on Iran on a company based in Iraq and two individuals.

After a two-week delay, the US Treasury Department also imposed additional tough sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical sector on Friday, targeting Iran’s biggest and most lucrative Iranian firm because of its support for an Iranian Revolutionary Guard engineering company.

The sanctions extended to 39 companies belonging to the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Group, both in Iran and abroad, which produce 50 percent of Iran’s petrochemical exports.

“By targeting this network, we intend to deny funding to the primary petrochemical sector, which provides support to the Revolutionary Guards,” Treasury Secretary Stephen Manuchen said in a statement on sanctions.

On Saturday, Iran responded by saying that the new US sanctions against it made talking about the resumption of talks “empty”.


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