Nechervan Barzani is pleased to Barzani to form a regional government


Date of release: 2019/6/12 15:39 • 196 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The head of the Kurdistan region, Nzhirvan Barzani, on Wednesday, pleased Barzani to form the new government cab of the Kurdistan region.
The Prime Minister in charge of the formation of the new government cabaret, pleased Barzani, for his mandate by the President of the Kurdistan region: “With regard to my nomination and mandate of the head of the government’s ninth cab of the Kurdistan region, I think it is necessary to thank the President Barzani and the Political Bureau and the leadership council and the masses of the Kurdistan Democratic Party on my choice As the party’s candidate for this post, as I thank and grateful to the Parliament of Kurdistan, in all its entirety, to nominate, and thank the President of the Territory for my task of forming the ninth government cab of the Kurdistan region. ” 
He added: “Thank you for your trust in me. I will help the parties who decided to participate in the ninth government cab to present the ninth cabinet cabaret to the Kurdistan Parliament within the stipulated time period, in order to expedite the provision of appropriate services to our people and our country. This task as soon as possible. “
The Kurdistan parliament voted on Tuesday to name Barzani delighted as head of the Kurdistan Regional Government. 
And was named pleased Barzani for the position votes 87 members of the parliament of Kurdistan out of 97 attended the meeting, including members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, who did not participate in the election of the President of the Kurdistan region.

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