1. Walter, the article goes on to say…

    “… And (a) other In 191 days, and in 2019 to launch an intensive media campaign in this regard. The establishment of the Conference of the launch of electronic travel cards issuance of electronic cards for Iraqi citizens to motivate them to use these cards during the payment period expenses (purchases – hotels – treatment – study with reference to the additional benefits that qualify these units of the holders:: Buy the dollar at 1, 200 dinars. Travel and avoid theft and loss – Payment in all currencies and around the world – access to additional privileges offered by banks to enter the halls of businessmen, discounts This bank will settle the cards abroad by selling them dollars at a price. Aqh sell the currency, the dollar against the sale of citizens at the price of 1.200 dinars through purchases of cards.”

    It would seem to indicate that the rate IN country will be 1200 : 1, but internationally it will be 1.2 :1 (which removes the 3 zeros and has 1 dinar worth $0.83

    This along with the “launch an intensive media campaign in this regard” comment would seem to indicate a MAJOR change. Why would the launch a major media campaign to advertise what is already well known?

    Also, the “191days in 2019” is interesting as, from where we are if you count forward from Jan1, 191 days is July 10, 2019 even if you count backwards from Dec. 31, 2019 it is June 23, 2019. 191 days can only happen IN 2019 between these dates of June 23, through July 10 2019.

    There might be more here than meets the eye…


    • aanth, I appreciate your analysis, but I don’t think they will telegraph “rates or dates”. In my view, the CBI and association of banks have already been teaching and showing people the benefits of these Mastercards. The benefits of putting their money in the bank, and to believe in their banking system. The recent week long fair at the Universities in Iraq, with prizes given to student participation. I’m sure the banks were effective in showing college students those benefits, and getting them to open bank accounts.
      We’ll see!!

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    • the gold will also help the dinar as “backing,” just like we have gold as well. The rate will be whatever is decided by IMF, CBI and others..


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