New US sanctions on Iran on an Iraq-based company and two people

2019/06/12 09:20:33

Twilight News / The US Treasury announced the imposition of new sanctions related to Iran, two people and a company based in Iraq.

According to a notice posted on the US Treasury website on Wednesday that the United States imposed new sanctions on Iran on a company based in Iraq and two individuals.

After a two-week delay, the US Treasury Department also imposed additional tough sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical sector on Friday, targeting Iran’s biggest and most lucrative Iranian firm because of its support for an Iranian Revolutionary Guard engineering company.

The sanctions extended to 39 companies belonging to the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Group, both in Iran and abroad, which produce 50 percent of Iran’s petrochemical exports.

“By targeting this network, we intend to deny funding to the primary petrochemical sector, which provides support to the Revolutionary Guards,” Treasury Secretary Stephen Manuchen said in a statement on sanctions.

On Saturday, Iran responded by saying that the new US sanctions against it made talking about the resumption of talks “empty”.


Nechervan Barzani is pleased to Barzani to form a regional government


Date of release: 2019/6/12 15:39 • 196 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The head of the Kurdistan region, Nzhirvan Barzani, on Wednesday, pleased Barzani to form the new government cab of the Kurdistan region.
The Prime Minister in charge of the formation of the new government cabaret, pleased Barzani, for his mandate by the President of the Kurdistan region: “With regard to my nomination and mandate of the head of the government’s ninth cab of the Kurdistan region, I think it is necessary to thank the President Barzani and the Political Bureau and the leadership council and the masses of the Kurdistan Democratic Party on my choice As the party’s candidate for this post, as I thank and grateful to the Parliament of Kurdistan, in all its entirety, to nominate, and thank the President of the Territory for my task of forming the ninth government cab of the Kurdistan region. ” 
He added: “Thank you for your trust in me. I will help the parties who decided to participate in the ninth government cab to present the ninth cabinet cabaret to the Kurdistan Parliament within the stipulated time period, in order to expedite the provision of appropriate services to our people and our country. This task as soon as possible. “
The Kurdistan parliament voted on Tuesday to name Barzani delighted as head of the Kurdistan Regional Government. 
And was named pleased Barzani for the position votes 87 members of the parliament of Kurdistan out of 97 attended the meeting, including members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, who did not participate in the election of the President of the Kurdistan region.

Launch of the Iraq Air Fair in its seventh edition at Baghdad International Airport


Local | 5:13 – 12/06/2019

The Ministry of Transport announced on Wednesday the launch of the Iraq Air Fair at its seventh edition at Baghdad International Airport amidst a large official presence. 
In a statement received by Mawazine News, Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Ali Khalil Ibrahim, said during the inaugural address of the exhibition that “the launch of the Iraqi Aviation Fair in its seventh session is the first step of the aviation industry in Iraq through the first work and effort By the concerned parties and specialists with the aim of the presence of international leaders in aviation from international civil aviation organizations and many colleagues in the Middle East and from around the world.
He added that “Aviation today is an industry that contributes to raise the income levels of the country and provide great employment opportunities for citizens and work on its development, which is an integrated industry from the airport to the airlines to the services provided to passengers, in addition to the development of their economies and methods and procedures. From the private sector and the government sector and international bodies participating in this exhibition. ” 
The exhibition included a detailed presentation of the managers of Iraqi local airports, during which the most prominent plans and projects that would open the economic horizons of national institutions to develop their business through entering programs with international bodies and companies.


The Central Bank is the first institution in the country to issue its final lists on time


Economy News _ Baghdad

Ernst & Young completed the audit of the final financial statements of the Central Bank of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018 on the legal date set for the end of March 2019. 
The Central Bank’s Accounting Department said in a statement received by “Economy News” that the Board of Directors of the bank ratified the These lists were issued with a positive view (without reservation), which indicates the level of transparency under which the Bank operates, the efforts made in presenting the activities and operations, and the level of disclosure that the institution has. 
She added that the timely disclosure and “positive opinion” generates important impressions of the institutions and international banks that deal with Iraq, and this is working to encourage investors to deal with financial institutions and banking in Iraq as long as the sectoral control body (the central bank) .
The Central Bank is one of the first institutions in Iraq, which annually fulfills the requirements of preparing and auditing the final financial statements on time, which gave the bank a prominent position among the central banks in the region.

Abdelmahdi sends a strong message to political blocs: You have a deadline to June 20


 2019/06/12 07:01:43

The Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Wednesday, the message of the blocs and political parties, on delaying the resolution of his ministerial cabinet so far. 
The MP for the alliance of Fatah Karim Aliawi, told the Twilight News that “Abdul-Mahdi told all political blocs and parties, that he will wait for nominations for vacant portfolios, until June 20.” 
And Aliawi, that “in the absence of progress and agree on the political blocs on the candidates, he will submit the Mahdi himself candidates for the portfolios, the House of Representatives to vote, without reference to the political blocs, and in the event of the fall of any candidate offers Abdul Mahdi in the vote, will offer his replacement on the second day, He told the blocks. ” 
The Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, yesterday in his weekly conference on the need to complete the cabinet cabin before the end of the current legislative term of parliament.
“The news of my intention to resign does not have any validity,” he said. 
The Iraqi parliament voted on October 25 to grant confidence to 14 ministers in the government of Abdul Mahdi. 
There are still 3 portfolios in the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, despite the passage of more than six months on the formation of the government, namely defense, interior and justice.

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