Prime Minister reveals the imminent restoration of thousands of Iraqi antiquities from America


Release date: 2019/6/11 16:42 
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced on Tuesday that thousands of antiquities had been recovered from the United States.
This came during his visit to the Iraqi Museum on Tuesday. 
“Iraq was and will remain a civilized and historic center and we should benefit from this great legacy to build the present and future of Iraq,” he said in a statement received by al-Furat News. 
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“The Iraqi Museum is a great knowledge and humanistic school that documents the various activities, sciences, human arts and antiquities from various antiquity dating back to pre-Christmas, modern, contemporary and Islamic, which are unparalleled in all the world’s museums.” 
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“The restoration of 15 thousand archaeological artifacts from the United States,” he said, referring to “the restoration of large numbers of authentic Iraqi antiquities from Jordan earlier,” while calling for “to draw the attention of public opinion to the Iraqi Museum and encourage his visit And to know its human and cultural content. “
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