Abdul Mahdi to visit Erbil and hold meetings on “high level”

2019/06/10 11:15:35

Twilight News / The head of the federal government, Adel Abdul Mahdi, during this week visit Erbil and meet with political leaders in the Kurdistan Region.

According to Kurdish media sources, Abdul Mahdi’s visit to Erbil will be either on June 13 or 14, indicating that it will be mainly to provide congratulations to the President of the region, Nechirvan Barzani, who took the ceremony and took the oath of office as president of the region on Monday in Arbil in the presence of more than Thousand political and partisan personalities Kurdish, Iraqi and foreign.

He also reported that Abdul Mahdi will hold meetings with political leaders in the Kurdistan Region to discuss the relations between Arbil and Baghdad.

On Monday, a swearing-in ceremony was held by Nezhirvan Barzani as head of the region and he will assume his post as head of the region and exercise his official duties.



Nechirvan Barzani: I put my position and my abilities and my experience in the service of Abdul Mahdi and the Iraqi government


 2019/06/10 05:40:38

The new president of Kurdistan, Nechirvan Barzani, announced support for the Iraqi government in Baghdad and its president, Adel Abdul Mahdi. 
Barzani said in part of his speech during his inauguration as President of the Kurdistan Region, “I put my position and abilities and experience in cooperation with the federal government and Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and all members of the government ministers to succeed this government functions, and the success of any of us means the success of all. 
“We emphasize the strengthening of relations between the Kurdistan Region and neighboring countries on the basis of understanding and common interest and sovereignty and within the permanent constitution of Iraq and the creation and moisturization of the atmosphere with those countries are the tasks of the President of the region and this is not a threat to Iraq, but on the contrary strengthens his relations with those countries.


Barzani’s first act after his inauguration as President of the Territory

Editorial Date: 2019/6/10 15:30 
(International: al-Furat News) The head of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, made the first changes after his legal oath on Monday.
Nehirvan Barzani took the legal oath in Erbil today during special ceremonies. 
As the first work to change the slogan of the presidency of the region where the English language was added to the Kurdish and Arabic languages. is over


Pope unveils visit to Iraq


Editorial Date: 2019/6/10 15:35 
{International: Euphrates News} Pope Francis said on Monday that he wants to travel to Iraq next year in what will be the first papal visit to the country at all.
Francis made the remarks during a speech to members of a group of charities that help Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere. 
“I have a permanent idea when I think of Iraq,” the Pope said in prepared remarks. “I have a willingness to go there next year.” 
In Iraq there are many Eastern churches, whether Catholic or Orthodox. 
In 2000, the late Pope John Paul wanted to visit the ancient city of Ur, believed to be the birthplace of Abraham. 
The visit was to be the first leg of a trip to Iraq, Egypt and Israel. 
But negotiations on this matter with the former regime collapsed and was unable to go