Rafidain identifies types of loans and calls citizens and employees to visit its branches

Release date: 2019/6/10 8:28

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Select Rafidain Bank, Monday, the types of loans available in the branches deployed in Baghdad and the provinces.

“The citizens and employees can obtain these loans and check the nearest branch of the bank to see the instructions for each loan and apply on the loan, which is appropriate in accordance with the conditions and controls,” the bank’s information office said in a statement received by Al-Furat News.

He pointed out that “the loans available to the bank are:

1 – loans for small projects

2 – commercial and tourism

loans 3 – loans for judges

4 – loans for residential units investment

5 – loans Basmaa housing complex

6 – financing loans and scientific research for students and professors

7 – operating loans for university owners Schools and private kindergartens

8 – Operating loans for owners of tourist hotels

9 – Car loans

10 – Loans of doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians

11 – Housing loans of citizens in liberated areas

12 – Housing loans citizens (50) million for an area not less than (200) m

– 13 advances of retirees

14 – advances of local employees salaries (Master Card)

15 – banking facilities

16 – loans productive projects

18 – loans of laboratory owners and medical supplies

19 – Renewable energy (solar energy) ”


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