Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad to discuss postponement of the Federal Court’s view of the unconstitutionality of the extraction of oil



Change in the parliamentary bloc on Friday, the expected visit of a delegation from the Kurdistan region to the capital Baghdad, to discuss the postponement of the hearing of the Federal Court for the consideration of the appeal against the unconstitutionality of the extraction of the Kurdistan region of oil.

The deputy of the bloc Sarkot Shams al-Din in a statement received “Al-Gharab Press,” a copy of it, “a delegation form the Kurdistan region, which intends to visit Baghdad after the formation of the government there,” noting that “the announcement of the visit of this delegation came after heavy pressure by the street Kurdish officials to solve the problem of salaries of staff of the region in a serious and radical. ” 

“The most important thing that the delegation will discuss in the event of his coming to postpone the hearing of the Federal Court for the consideration of the appeal against the unconstitutionality of extracting the Kurdistan region oil from the region and export directly.” 

He expressed “pessimism about the results that will result from this visit,” referring to “the intention of regional officials to keep imposing their dominion on the oil sector there, which makes them continue to impose their control and their tactics and wrong policies on the people oppressed and shaken over the past and upcoming years” .


Halabousi meets Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the UAE capital

Halabousi meets Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the UAE capital

The head of parliament, Mohammed al-Halbusi, said Friday that the latter met Abu Dhabi’s ruler Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahayan in the UAE capital. “The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Al Halbusi, met in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,” the office said in a statement received by the Al-Ahed News. He added that “the meeting discussed the relations between Iraq and the United Arab Emirates and a number of issues and developments in the region.” He pointed out that “the mechanisms of developing parliamentary relations and the importance of the role of parliaments in enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries The interests of the two brotherly peoples, and work to achieve stability in the region in light of the challenges and crises that are taking place. “



Sadr decides not to attend Friday prayers for this reason

Editorial date: 2019/6/7 20:38

(Najaf: Al-Furat News) A close to the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, Friday, that the latter decided not to attend Friday prayers with his followers anymore.

“Because of some irresponsible acts that some think is an example of love and love, which some have done in the Kufa mosque, while Sadr is among us, or after he has gone, such as tawbir and kissing the pulpit excessively, it could cause damage,” he said on his official Facebook page. And unhealthy because of the large number of [Salafis] and filming during the sermon and leave Khatib and look at the chest and filming without his consent, and attend to pray for it, not for it, his Eminence decided not to attend Friday prayers with you anymore.

“He will try to travel during the time of Friday prayer so as not to leave a duty or consider that his presence causes harm and legitimate forms to attend.”


Central Bank Building


Hadi Glow Meri

Hadi Glow Meri

Will the building of the new Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad, located on the shore of the Tigris cause unprecedented enthusiasm to modernize the capital, and investment in the construction sector, whether in the field of commercial towers, or residential, with the signs of it, and talk of those responsible for the intention to contract with companies Major in this area was the latest statement by the Governor of Baghdad on the intention to build the highest commercial tower of its kind in the coming period?

Exciting designs of the late architect Zaha Hadid The building of the Central Bank of Iraq is spectacular, terrifying and frightening due to the size of the space it occupies, the height of the building, the type of design and its beauty, and I have the opportunity to be in the area surrounding the building where the first stages of work were carried out. A global company has completed its foundations and infrastructure, what we will see with our eyes from a distance of tens of kilometers during the coming period represents the Central Bank as a visible building, but the fact is that it includes the infrastructure below, and an institution with a very modern technology to be linked to the network of global banks It is a continuous work around the clock. Mechanics, engineers, workers and trucks are in constant motion, without interruption throughout the day and night, and you can find continuous work whether you pass from the place at 10am, 10pm, or at dawn.

The images and information available about the new central bank building in Baghdad show the capital’s hotels, shopping malls and buildings like pygmies in the face of it, which is a great pleasure for it is enough to spur investors, state institutions, money holders, local companies and foreign investors to discuss ways to compete and provide new plans and designs for the capital including This includes high-rise towers that offer greater investment opportunities for companies, investment owners and those interested in local contracting to be productive.

After less than three years, we will see a high-rise building of up to 37 floors, the highest yet. A British company is working on the latest construction technology and will be a milestone in the economic boom in Iraq.