Global Liberty Index shows improvement in Iraq’s status of freedoms

Global Liberty Index shows improvement in Iraq's status of freedoms

13:49 – 05 June 19
Reuters) – Iraq’s situation has improved among free nations, the Freedom House, the international watchdog organization, said on Wednesday. 
“The countries of the world suffer from a general decline in the level of freedoms that began in 2005. Countries such as Hungary and Serbia joined the list of countries with partial freedom, while the African countries witnessed a partial rise in press and public freedoms,” the report said. .

“Iraq is one of the countries that improve the level of freedoms in a simple way, along with Angola and Ethiopia, driven by the peaceful transfer of power in the country.” 
It is noteworthy that Iraq has scored the level of 32% as a university, including 5.5 / 7 in the ratio of public freedom, and 5/7 in the proportion of political rights, as well as 6/7 in the proportion of civil liberties, where the highest figure, the proportion of freedom less, and despite According to the observatory, Iraq is still officially classified as a “non-free” country.

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