Stop issuing card “Key Card” and replace it with “Master Card Rafidain”

_NEWS_DATE: 2019/6/4 14:20 
KI has announced the suspension of the issuance of “Key Card” cards in the National Pension Authority, showing the replacement of MasterCard cards issued by Rafidain Bank.
The company said in a statement on Monday that RTT had suspended the issuance of “K-Card” cards on June 2, which was issued by the National Pension Authority. 

He pointed out that the Rafidain Bank and the company “K” will issue cards “MasterCard” instead of it, noting that the cards “Key Card” issued in the past will be replaced by the new issue of cards, “Master Card Rafidain” within a timetable. 

He assured card holders that the replacement will be carried out in a streamlined manner that will guarantee the rights of retirees and continue to receive their salaries normally, and there will be no interruption during the replacement process.


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